Matters of Life and Death

By André Picard
Douglas & McIntyre
Health issues have long occupied top headlines in Canadian media, and
no journalist has written on public health with more authority or for as
many years as André Picard. This book collects Picard’s most compelling
columns, covering a broad range of topics including Canada’s right-to-die
law, the true risks of the Zika virus, the financial challenges of a publicly
funded health system, appalling health conditions in First Nations
communities, the legalization of marijuana, the social and economic impacts
of mental illness, and the healthcare challenges facing transgender people.
The topic of health touches on the heart of society, intersecting with many
aspects of private and public life — human rights, aging, political debate,
economics and death. With his reporting, Picard demonstrates the
connection between physical health and the health of society, provides the
facts to help readers make knowledgeable health choices, and acts as a
devoted advocate for those whose circumstances bar them from receiving
the care they need. Providing an antidote to widespread fear-mongering and
misinformation, Matters of Life and Death is essential reading for anyone
with an investment in public health topics — in other words, everyone.