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Scaling Down: Living Large in a Smaller Space

By Marj Decker and Judi Culbertson
Rodale Books
How to make more of less — the book that shows how to simplify
your life, control clutter, and pare down your possessions for a move into
smaller living quarters. There are plenty of anti-clutter experts around
ready to exhort us to sort, store, and trash our belongings, but this is the
first book to address the specific needs of people moving from a larger
to a smaller space, or merging two (or more) people’s possessions into
a single abode. If you and your mate are about to swap your large, singlefamily
house for a condo, or move your parents out of the family home
of 40 years into an assisted-living center, where do you start? How do
you decide what to take, what to leave behind, and what to do with your
discards? What can you do to keep the move from seeming tinged with
loss? The book not only offers terrific nuts-and-bolts strategies for paring
down one’s belongings to only the best and most meaningful items, but
it also addresses the emotional aspects of streamlining-the complicated
relationship we have with our “stuff.”