Make Valentine’s Day Memorable


Roses are red, violets are blue, and this Valentine’s Day, how about you do something new? Go beyond chocolates, teddy bears and roses; give your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day he or she won’t forget. Tailor the day’s special activities to the personality and interests of your loved one. Here are some ideas to make this Valentine’s Day special:

A Sweet(heart) Breakfast

Start your morning off with a romantic breakfast. Incorporate foods that add Valentine’s spirit into the menu. Pink lady apples, strawberries, raspberries and pomegranate are ideal for a rosy colour scheme. You can up the pizazz of your food creations by creating labels. For example, if you make your loved one pancakes, you can create a little label that reads “Sweetheart Stack.” For more inspiration, check out Pinterest.

Scavenger Hunt

Get adventurous with your sweetie and create a love-themed scavenger hunt. Create a list of places you can visit together that are meaningful to you both. Place a bookstore on your list and provide instructions that will lead your loved one to a book of poems and the page number that contains a specific poem you’ve chosen for him or her. You can also factor in some of the city’s romantic landmarks.

Word Puzzle

Fashion a unique word search puzzle for your loved one. Include in the word puzzle special jokes the two of you share and any other terms that have significant meaning for both of you. Ideas of personalized words include: where you met, your pet names, your first date and mutual favorite foods.

Fancy Florals

Valentine’s Day just isn’t Valentine’s Day without flowers. You can approach a floral gift in a variety of ways. If you know your partner is keen on a specific variety of flowers, like orchids or roses, find a flower farm or conservatory garden that specializes in those varieties. If you’re unsure of your love’s favorite flower, take her or him with into a floral shop or market. She or he can design a ideal bouquet with your help. It will show you take an active interest and will be a fun activity for both of you.

Let’s Dance

Spice things up with a night of salsa. Sign yourself and your partner up for an introductory dance lesson. Give your partner fair warning before you leave for the class, so he or she can wear appropriate attire. This activity is ideal for those who love the challenge of learning a new skill. It’s also a gift that will keep on giving; after you’ve acquired your new skills, you can integrate salsa dancing into your date routine.

A Great Escape

If you and your partner love (or love the idea of) world travel, provide your sweetheart with a multicultural dining experience. Rather than visit one restaurant, enjoy one course each at several restaurants with different world cuisines. Start off your dinner in a Spanish restaurant for some tapas appetizers, then visit a French restaurant for frisee salad, transition into a Vietnamese restaurant for your main course and finish your evening with some Italian gelato. Make sure you tailor your restaurant choices to the international places that interest your loved one the most.