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Living a Healthy, Productive “Middle Age” into Your 70s and 80s

By Jamie Portman Camilla Cavendish’s book, Extra Time: Ten Lessons For An Aging World, points out it’s normal to be vibrant and capable as a septuagenarian and beyond. Journalist and TV personality Camilla Cavendish is only 53, but she spends a lot of time with people who are decades older—and she never ceases to be impressed by them...

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Start Fresh! Your Complete Guide to Mid-lifestyle Food and Fitness

Chef Diane Clement and Dr. Doug Clement Whitecap Books Ltd. Start Fresh! is a comprehensive guide to food and fitness. Healthy eating combined with a realistic exercise plan is key to maintaining optimal health and avoiding chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Getting fit and staying healthy is hard work and requires a...

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