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‘Tis the Season for Thrills, Chills and Laughter from Canadian Authors

Delicious intrigue awaits in Ottawa author Peggy Blair’s latest book, Shadow Play. Slava Kadun, an FSB agent and one Vladimir Putin’s hitmen, discovers a lucrative sideline–instead of killing Putin’s critics, he “disappears” them. With the help of a fourteen-year-old Ukrainian refugee, Nona, a computer whiz, he provides them with new...

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Living a Healthy, Productive “Middle Age” into Your 70s and 80s

By Jamie Portman Camilla Cavendish’s book, Extra Time: Ten Lessons For An Aging World, points out it’s normal to be vibrant and capable as a septuagenarian and beyond. Journalist and TV personality Camilla Cavendish is only 53, but she spends a lot of time with people who are decades older—and she never ceases to be impressed by them...

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