Favourite Things

favourite things

Sharing a Few of My Top Indulegences

by Lorna Foreman

This perhaps frivolous topic was inspired after recently watching The Sound of Music. I found myself unable to stop singing “…these are a few of my favourite things.” Most of us consider ourselves unique.But with two of my favourite things, I join the throngs of women who share them: chocolate and shoes.

I remind myself, in between bites, that there are certain health benefits to chocolate. (Mind you, if we were getting specific, it is better to eat dark chocolate.) So when I nibble on a piece of chocolate with almonds, I can smugly feel I am, perhaps, reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems, possibly contributing to a lower cholesterol level, or even preventing memory decline.

The history of chocolate is quite interesting.The earliest consumption dates back to the Olmec civilization in Meso-America. It was brought to Europe and the world fell in love with that delicious taste sensation.

I, unfortunately, cannot tell you many good things about my second love. Apart from the sheer pleasure of buying and slipping into a colourful pair of shoes, there are perhaps more negative aspects than positive. It certainly costs more to indulge in that passion and I could hurt myself — even break an ankle — if I trip while wearing a lovely pair of stilettos. I could damage my feet, not to mention throw my body out of whack, as one tends to walk quite differently in high heeled shoes. Ask any chiropractor and they would most likely tell you not to wear them.

But I am a sensible senior (or perhaps just lucky), as none of the above has happened to me and I hope it stays that way. When I was younger, I thought nothing of running to catch a bus in heels. I figured I was strengthening my calf muscles. I can’t say that anymore.

favourite things

No one has questioned my passion for chocolate, but there have been many who question my shoe adoration.To me, it is simple. Besides eating a piece of chocolate, there are few experiences I enjoy more than bringing home a new pair of shoes and wearing them out for the first time. It is difficult to describe. I have always said I could wear the same outfit every day as long as I have a lot of different shoes. Different for me usually means colourful. I recently bought a pair of shoes and painted them myself – they were certainly different. My favourite fall, winter, and spring footwear are my 24-year-old workboots. They are more appropriate to my present lifestyle, as I don’t go out dancing quite as often.

So where did this addiction start? I used to hate chocolate. I had a part-time job in my teens in a Laura Secord shop. They put me in the back packing. “Oh,” the boss said, “go ahead and try them.” So I did. One for me and one for the box. That lasted one day. From then on I could barely look a chocolate in the eye. At the age of 50 it all changed.Was it hormonal? Perhaps. But I took a quantum leap into the chocaholic group.

As for the shoes? I needed special corrective boots when I was a little girl. All the class pictures at an early age showed me in my boots and my fellow classmates wore cute little black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. I vowed then and there that when I was an adult, I would make it up to myself.  And I have done just that. n

Lorna Foreman is a self-described 50-plus writer, author and artist who lives in Cornwall.