6 Tips For Grandparents On How To Prepare For The Arrival Of Their Grandchildren

Nine months passed and the baby was finally born. This time, however, it is not you who are desperate and have dark circles. Enjoy your grandchild, confident that at the end of the day you will be able to return the little cuddly creature to its parents. The experience is special, and you may not be sure how you should behave in the grandparent title now. Don’t worry, we are here to prepare you with our 6 great tips!

Baby Has Arrived…

The first week after the mother and baby leave the maternity hospital is usually characterized by a big crowd in the house. But, after that, when the closest relatives leave and dad starts working, mom is left to fend for herself. Help is very welcome. Suggest that you can help with cooking or cleaning the apartment, or buy the necessities. If you are not sure what a mom and a newborn need, you can check the list as seen at to make sure you don’t forget anything and pick the best products. In the first few months, do not insist on babysitting because the parents are extremely sensitive then and often do not want to be separated from their child for even a short time. Don’t worry, your role will change very quickly. As time goes on, you will be more and more focused on the child and less on the parents, because they will no longer need your direct help.

Respect Parents’ Decisions

As a grandparent, you can help a lot in raising a child and be the most important person in the child’s life after their parents. But it is also important to emphasize that it is important not to cross boundaries, that is, not to put yourself in front of the parents (consciously or unconsciously) in the eyes of the child. Respect every parent’s decision in front of a child, even those with whom you may disagree. And if you ever feel the need to suggest a method of education that you apply, do it in the absence of the child, so that it will not hear.

Don’t Do Anything Behind Parents’ Back

Never trample on a parent’s word or approve of something you would not allow, and vice versa. For example, do not give water to a breastfed baby if the parent’s attitude is that he or she needs nothing but breast milk. And, later, when the child grows up, do not give them sweets secretly or let them watch cartoons for longer than parents would allow. You mustn’t make deals with the child behind the backs of the parents. Your grandchild will certainly love you immensely, even if you do not please him or her.

Don’t Give Advice Before You Are Asked

Both dad and mom are aware of the fact that you raised them and their partner and do not doubt their parenting competencies, but it would certainly mean a lot to them that you respect the fact that they will now be parents and that you do not need to prompt them in every situation. The way of life has changed a lot, and the approach to parenthood has changed. Scientists in the field of pediatrics, nutrition, pedagogy, and psychology found that some of the rules that parents once followed are not really good and should not be practiced further. No one thinks that all the methods you used to follow should be rejected. Parents will certainly seek your advice when they feel that your experience and knowledge can be of valuable help to them, but be patient.

Define Your Role

What your relationship with your grandchildren will be like depends on your relationship with their parents. It is important to jointly determine what your role is and what is expected of you. Although you want to take an active part in raising your grandchildren, you must set certain limits. Nothing is implied, so if there are days that are “reserved” just for you, make it clear to your parents. Mutual respect is the key to a good relationship.

Build a Connection

It is well known that grandparents simply enjoy pampering their grandchildren. Now you finally have time to tell all the stories, cuddle, and play together. Tears are out of the question. You will knowingly break all the rules when your grandchild cries. That is why it is not surprising that the results of the research show that children’s emotional attachment to grandparents is immediately next to their attachment to their parents.

Although children learn the most about themselves and their lives from their parents, always keep in mind that they are watching you closely. So make sure you are a good model for what you want your grandchildren to become. Enjoy your new role!