7 Reasons Families are Moving to Ontario in 2022

Moving abroad is a huge step. There are all sorts of reasons why people might want to take this big leap in life. The exact reason varies from person to person, but all have the common ground of wanting to have a better life. Whether it’s for better employment prospects, a better standard of education, or just a change-up in your lifestyle, a new country can hold numerous opportunities for you and your family to grow and have a better standard of living. Canada is considered one of the best countries to immigrate to and for good reason. There is a multitude of benefits, with the most popular reason being the culturally diverse population. Ontario seems to be one of the top picks when it comes to choosing a place to settle in Canada. Let’s take a closer look into why so many families are making the move in 2022 and why you should, too.

1 – Cost of Living

The country has a very stable banking system. This means that people know that their finances are secure, making the fear of spending and investment far less. Ontario is quite affordable when you know where to live and how to invest your money wisely. A few cities that offer an affordable cost of living include Kingston, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Guelph, Ontario; Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario; London, Ontario. For example, when it comes to renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Toronto, Ontario, you can expect to easily pay upwards of C$2,745 per month on rent alone. In London, Ontario the average 2-bedroom apartment will cost you about C$1508. In one of the cheaper cities, you are more likely to look half that for a 2-bedroom, which is quite a difference.

Here’s a closer look at a cost breakdown between the two.

Your total expenses for living in Toronto, Ontario for a month are:

  • Preschool – C$1,207
  • Food – C$1,185
  • Transport – C$386
  • Housing – C$2,745

Your total expenses for living in London, Ontario for a month are:

  • Preschool – C$1,055
  • Food – C$1,041
  • Transport – C$386
  • Housing – C$1,508

When it comes down to it, housing is where the main bite of your money comes from. This is why when looking for real estate in Ontario it is so important to find a reputable realtor to represent you, or that you make use of an agency online. This ensures that you can see all of the options that best suit you and that you can pick the best one for your situation.

Whether you decide to live in one of the bigger cities Ontario has to offer, or you prefer to live in a smaller countryside town, decent-sized homes at fair and affordable pricing can be found. The average family home is quite spacious in Canada, so it is an excellent place for families to grow with ease.

2 – Great Level of Education for All Ages

Canada is considered one of the most educated countries in the world. This is largely due to the level of government investment in education systems. Were you aware that it spends more per capita on education than other industrial nations? It should come as no surprise since the country has more than 15,400 elementary schools and over 100 universities that are recognized abroad.

Canada is especially invested in ensuring access to education for all of its young citizens, regardless of their backgrounds. This means that children are not discriminated against for any shortcomings that their parents might have when it comes to their education. Studies have found that as a result of this, children who participate in the Canadian schooling system tend to perform quite well across the board and stay in school longer than those in other countries. This includes the eventuality of attending a tertiary education institution, such as one of the many universities the country has to offer. This creates a healthy society of individuals who are well educated and informed.

The country is home to some of the top universities in the world. In Ontario alone, you will be able to find the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo, and many, many more. Ontario has many great educational institutions to choose from. So whether you’re looking for something for a young child, or a better prospect for your teenager going off to college, Ontario has you covered from A-Z.

3 – Great Employment Opportunities With Better Salaries

One might be concerned that with the high level of education in the country there might be an oversaturation within the realm of employment, but this would be a mistaken assumption. In fact, Canada’s unemployment rate is significantly low, peaking at 5.5% in February of 2022. This is pretty comforting, especially considering that wages are above average when compared to other countries that are classed as developed.

As an ex-pat, there are a few ways you can secure work. You can get offered a job that supplies you with a work permit, join the workforce through a provincial program, or qualify for one under the skilled worker’s programs.

Ontario is experiencing a skills shortage in specific areas, which is why so many are flocking to the area. This means that if you are skilled in one or more of these areas your chances of getting a job in the country are significantly higher. These desired skills include the following: 

  • Nurses
  • home support workers
  • contractors (Residential and commercial installers and servicers)
  • truck drivers
  • heavy equipment operators (not cranes)
  • Construction trades helpers and laborers
  • general farmworkers
  • nursery and greenhouse workers
  • harvesting laborers
  • industrial butchers, meat cutters, and related workers. 

Be sure to check the government website for updates to the skills list as it is constantly being updated.

4 – Greater Quality of Life

We have been alluding to the quality of life quite a bit, but we haven’t outright mentioned it yet. As you may be aware, Canada offers its citizens and inhabitants an incredible quality of life. As the world’s second-largest country by landmass, Canada does not suffer from overpopulation and overcrowding like so many other countries do. It has a large array of benefits, too. These include free universal healthcare and free schooling up until the 12th grade. This allows families to save up for college and spend more time and money on family bonding excursions.

Once you receive permanent residency, you become eligible for an Ontario Health Card. Your Ontario Health Card can is used when you visit your doctor, or if you are admitted to the hospital. Not everything is covered by your Health Card, but most of it is. On top of this, most employers offer health coverage, so you are double covered in the case either you, or your family is in need of medical attention.

Furthermore, the Canadian government actively promotes the balance between work and personal life. Rest and downtime are part of the Canadian culture, which is why so many people are happy. This is made apparent by flexible working hours and the number of public holidays residents get to enjoy each year. It is relatively clean and has a low level of pollution as the government promotes greener living solutions.

5 – It Is a Family-Friendly Place

As we mentioned earlier, due to all of the great schools in the area, Ontario is a very desirable place for families. However, this sense of “family friendliness” expands beyond Ontario. Canada in general is the perfect place to raise your children and for families to live. There is an overwhelming sense of unity and a feeling of safety that emanates from all over the country. Families can enjoy a variety of festivals and events that are actually catered specifically towards families with children. It boasts a variety of places for families to explore, including indoor and outdoor activities, as well as an array of new and interesting places to eat out. Furthermore, Canada is subject to strict laws. Under the law, all citizens and permanent residents are treated equally and fairly. This is enforced under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are in place to protect people against discrimination of any kind, in any shape or form, whether in the workplace or out in society. You have as much right to live there as anyone else.

6 – Great Cultural Diversity

Because of these laws, immigrants receive a warm welcome when they move to Canada. Cultural diversity has always been an important part of Canadian culture and ethos. In fact, it is central to the country’s national policy! Regardless of where you live – be it a big city, or a smaller town – they cater to a variety of different religions, cultures, and languages and manage to coexist peacefully. This means that you will need to abandon any prejudices you may have and embrace that the differences of others make a community stronger. Immigrating doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your values or cultures, but you need to respect the differences of others. You will be able to practice your culture and beliefs in a society that understands and respects that everyone is different.

7 – Plenty of Opportunity for Business Owners

Canada has an abundance of natural resources. This is one of the many things that make the country’s economy one of the strongest economies in the world. The workforce is constantly growing, and the government seeks to encourage its growth even more by providing a variety of really good immigration programs for entrepreneurs and business owners. It does this in order to attract more skilled workers as well as people who have experience in running a business. With a healthy economy, it is really easy to succeed as an entrepreneur. It also has a variety of frameworks in place that seek to boost businesses in smaller communities. You can read up about these programs online as well as on the government website.

Bonus Point: The Chance to Become a Citizen of Canada

Ontario has a plethora of things to offer a family, especially one that has come to Canada from elsewhere. The country is one of the few in the world that gladly welcomes immigrants from around the globe and doesn’t have the hardest requirements in place for people wishing to become citizens. In order to apply for citizenship in Canada, you’ll need to have lived in the country for at least three years out of five in order to qualify. If you are over the age of 18 you can apply for citizenship without a guardian.

Canada has recently set an immigration record for bringing in more than 200,000 applicants under the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program. This allows people with permanent residency or Canadian citizenship to bring their close family members to Canada and sponsor them to live in the country with them. If your goal is to obtain sponsorship, it is wise to go through a reputable immigration agency. Join Facebook groups of people who have immigrated to Canada to ask for advice and to see how others who are in a similar situation to you have navigated immigration. This ensures that you will have a smooth process.

Ontario is a multicultural space that is big enough to cater to a variety of different people who have different socio-economic needs and backgrounds. It is a great place for families to grow as it has excellent schooling from preschool level all the way to tertiary education, with some of the best universities in the world right around the corner. You can expect to have a wonderful quality of life and, depending on where you live, you will have a very fair wage to monthly expenses ratio. There are a variety of different places you can call home and there are plenty of activities aimed at families with children. Canada has a strong ethos that believes in keeping families together, so don’t be afraid to look for work and bring your family across later. Overall, whether you are a young person wanting to start a family, or you are looking for somewhere new to call home, Ontario is the place for you.