Preparation for concert – 4 Things you should rent almost immediately

The thing about concerts is that people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy it. So, there isn’t a specific age bracket that enjoys concerts the most. Therefore, whether you are organizing a concert for adults or youngsters, you know that it is going to be a hit.

The only catch is that the preparation for the concert needs to be on point. Without proper planning, your show can end up being a flop. The 2006 Guns n’ Roses’ concert in the Bay Area is a case in point.

For one, the concert started late. Sour cherry on top of that was the massive pyrotechnic explosives fired in the intimate theatre. Fireworks and other fire-related performances are never a good idea in a closed venue. The Great White band also made the same mistake and burned more than a hundred people to death in 2003.

This came to be known as the station nightclub fire. Both examples here give an idea that organizing a concert is not a child’s play. To prevent any anomalies, let’s get started by discussing four things that you need to rent almost instantly when preparing for a concert:

  1. Venue

Unsurprisingly, you can’t host a concert in your backyard. You will need a spacious venue that adds to the aura of the music. While selecting a venue, the first question to ask yourself is about your audience: what is your audience’s size?

Renting a popular venue where your favorite musicians have played before can be tempting. However, there is no point in organizing a musical event in a space that is too large for the people coming to the concert.

That said, you need to keep an eye on your budget as well. When you discuss the price, be sure to ask about what is included in it. Making assumptions would only add to your final costs, leaving you with your head in your hands when the pack up time comes. Hence, don’t forget to ask about what is included in the price.

  1. Sound system

Concerts are about music and enjoyment. But, there’s no point of a musical gathering without a solid sound system. Certain venues offer high-quality AV equipment, in which case, you need to request the manager for a sound check.

In most cases though, your go-to option is to rent speakers. Speakers on Rent come best when you do some research work. Look up some options for renting speakers in your area. You can Google them as well as ask around from people who have already organized a concert.

You can also ask the musicians attending to give you some recommendation. Additionally, when you get down to shortlisting names of sound system rental companies, don’t forget to check their online reviews.

  1. Stage

Not all venues provide everything that a stellar concert needs. This is why we discussed checking what is included in the price when selecting a place to organize your concert. In this regard, an important item to check and rent is the stage.

This is, especially, important if you are hosting a concert outdoors, at a place which is not designed for concerts. You can’t go about picking any stage though. Instead, you will need to select a stage based on the performers.

The stage for a solo singer is always different than a set-up for a band with heavy equipment. The chief motive is to ensure that the stage can easily bear all the weight that is put on it. And, it can also hold all the weight of the movement made on it. All this is crucial for safety purposes. Remember you should never cut corners when it comes to safety.

  1. Catering

The venue that you choose may also not offer catering services. If it does, you are good to go, and you can take the next steps to plan the concert. But if it doesn’t provide these services, you can get down to work.

To begin with, the selection process, add your total guest count. When you know your guest count, you can arrange for adequate food for all those attending as well as get a proper quote from the service provider. This also chops any confusion and suits your budget well.

Besides, think about the delivery mode that you want to avail. You can choose from picking up the refreshments yourself, getting them dropped off to the venue, selecting real display with the drinks and other food stalls at the venue, and getting or full service. For concerts, the latter two options are the best.

Wrap up thoughts

In a nutshell, preparing for a concert takes a lot of work. However, renting these four things sets you on the right track and takes off the main burden of planning the event from your shoulders.

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