Gallery 101 is pleased to present: 

Gallery 101
It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it

Book Launch, Reading, & Movement workshop – k.g. Guttman (Researcher, Artist, Educator, Choreographer)

Saturday February 11, 4-6pm
At Gallery 101, 51 B Young Street, Ottawa

k.g. Guttman will read from her publication and then lead us in an exploration in proximity and touch with a movement workshop. This launch is presented in conjunction with Universal Loss an exhibition about loss, intimacy, time, and embodied gender/race criticality—issues that also permeate Guttman’s book.

It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it is an artist publication that documents conversations between k.g. Guttman and art historian, professor and writer, Nancy Ring. Over seven lunches Guttman and Ring discussed the same questions every day, six months before Ring’s death in 2010 (an urgent time that seeped into the project). The questions treated the topics of art and politics, teaching, friendship, love, memory, and Ring’s own practice of creative writing. The aim was to undo the typical succinct form of the interview, in order to probe the complexity of Ring’s ideas and the way in which questions and answers transform through repetition. Over the seven days the interview became a conversation, and the result was not a portrait of Ring, but of a friendship, of a shared territory.


Book design by Laura Pappa. Concept and Editing: k.g. Guttman
Design Laura Pappa, Amsterdam
Printed by Rebellius
B & W, 120 pages, seven unbound booklets, 210 x 297mm

Copies of the publication will be for sale at G101 for $20.00.