How to decipher long distance charges on your mobile device

You may have heard of roaming, which refers to using your mobile device outside of Canada, on another carrier’s network. This can sometimes be confused with long distance, which applies when you are still in Canada.

When making long distance calls, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Your Calling Area

Calls are defined as local or long distance based on local calling areas. Your location at the time of the call, your wireless phone number and the phone number called are all important factors in determining local calling areas versus wireless long distance. If you’re in Toronto (416 area code), for example, and your family is in Vancouver (604 area code), you’ll incur long distance charges when calling outside of your local area code.

Making calls:

If you dial a number that is outside of your outgoing local calling area, then it is a long distance call. Your outgoing local calling area is determined by your physical location – the area you are in at any given moment, not your wireless number. As a result, if you call family, friends or colleagues in the city that is local to your physical location, then it is a local call.

Receiving calls:

Keep in mind, if you receive a call from a friend in Ottawa (613 area code) while away from your home in Vancouver (604 area code), you will incur long distance charges because someone is calling to your local area code. Your physical location determines the local distance charges not the phone number calling you. All calls that you receive on your wireless device while you’re physically within your incoming local calling area are local. So even if your family is in another province and they call you at home in Vancouver (604 area code), this will still be considered a local incoming call.

Not sure if your call is long distance? Carriers, such as Rogers, can provide you with coverage maps or applications to confirm if a call is local distance before you make it or answer it directly on your phone.

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