New Lower Travel Insurance Rates Are Here, And They’re Here To Stay!

The Travel Insurance for CARP Members pre-season savings event is over, but you can still take advantage of the savings. Response to this year’s savings event was so positive, our program partners agreed to let us keep the new lower rates on our single trip and multi-trip emergency medical plans!

To ensure you receive the most coverage for the lowest price, we’ll combine single trip and multi-trip policies. And we’re keeping the added premium savings for CARP members.

BONUS FOR READERS OF FIFTY-FIVE PLUS: We’ll help you take advantage of the added CARP member savings. Until Saturday, October 12, 2019, if you’re not already a member, simply call for a no-obligation quote and get a complimentary one-year digital membership.

So while premiums vary based on individual factors including your health condition, see how much you could save with our new low rates. Call 1.866.943.6103 toll-free and get your quote.

But there’s more to Travel Insurance for CARP Members than just low rates.

In addition to single trip daily plans and multi-trip annual plans, we offer in-Canada, non-medical and non-underwritten plans. There’s no medical exam required upon application. You can simply answer any health questions over the phone!

And if your medical conditions make it difficult to be placed into a pre-designated health category, personal underwriting is available. Policies can be tailored to your medical situation. That could include coverage for pre-existing conditions without a stability period.

We protect travellers with a $10 million dollar policy limit and 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance.

Our dedicated case managers answer your assistance calls and ensure appropriate care is being received, while medical staff interacts directly with doctors at the hospitals our policyholders are attending. StandbyMD medical concierge services provide our policyholders with telephone access to a qualified physician anywhere you travel, with additional services offered in the United States.

When you call the Travel Insurance for CARP Members toll-free telephone number, you’ll be speaking with a licensed insurance broker who is qualified to recommend coverage that is best suited for you, based on your health and travel plans. They will help ensure that you understand all medical questions, and may also recommend that you verify information with your doctor if you seem unsure of your conditions, because we want you to be properly insured.

Travel Insurance for CARP Members is offered by The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. We’ve been CARP’s recommended and trusted provider since 1993. And we’re here for your protection.

Visit for details on our complimentary CARP membership offer, plus complete plan details including rates, applications and sample policy wordings.

Call 1.866.943.6103 toll-free to get your quote and purchase Travel Insurance for CARP Members today.