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Your Wine of the Week is … #wotw

#‎Ottawa sommelier Monique Ippolito introduces us to a new wine worth savouring and sharing.

by Monique Ippolito

Wine of the week is back in business! So, let’s get right into it shall we? Here are five reasons why Batasiolo Sabri Barbera d’Asti is our #wineoftheweek

LCBO Vintages 366989 | $15.95



1. Its January, the holidays are over and we are all in a budget squeeze. This most likely means squeeze the wine out of the budget for this month right? Perhaps not, because this Italian red is inexpensive and packs quite the punch! The value for price is astounding!

2. It’s medium bodied with terrific fruit concentration, structured tannins, balanced acidity and a long finish. The aromas and flavours are clean and prounced with developing notes of ripe black berry fruit, ripe cherry, leather, smoke, fresh mint leaves and minerality.

3. It is immensely easy drinking! Barbera is a table wine favourite of the Piedmonte region in Italy and no stranger to my palate. This style of wine is crowd friendly and very food friendly.

4. It pairs well with so many dishes. From the casual girls night snack wine, to an intimate date night wine, to the Sunday family feast, this style of wine will not disappoint. Enjoy pairing with pizza, tomato based pasta dishes, braised meats, roasts and stews.

5. It pairs very well with the taking down and putting away of the Christmas decorations ritual too!