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10 Ways To Make Your Rental Property Stand Out, Without Breaking the Bank!



Each time a tenant moves out, the onus of making the rental property as good as new falls on the property holder. To upgrade the value of your rental unit in the market requires some maintenance and refurbishing which does not have to be expensive. While there are several alterations that you can make, here’s a look at the 10 cost-effective ways to make your rental property stand out.

1. Keep It Clean!

The best way to make a good first impression is cleanliness. Make sure all floors, ceilings, floors, corners are spic and span to make the rental property more appealing at first sight. Remove stains and cover up the cracks to give your property a novel look.

2. Paint those Walls

Give those lifeless walls a creative look with some custom-finish coat of paint. Some close-out stores offer a good variety at half the cost. You can also select a bright colour with a less glossy version to cut the cost and achieve the same lively look. Special rollers allow you to apply two shades of the same colour or two different colours to give a textured look. Creative or simple, always ensure that any paint job has a neat finishing.

3. Repairs and Servicing

Anything that requires repairs must be taken care of before you start showing your rental property to prospects. Furnace repairs and other HVAC repairs can be contracted for short and long term periods. Leaking taps, lighting systems, broken cords or sockets, etc. must be in working order. Servicing all small and big appliances on a timely basis enhances its life and gives you the best possible output.

4. HVAC Systems

Ensuring that air conditioners and heaters are energy efficient and provide the optimal amount of heating or cooling is a major consideration. Heat pumps equipped with gas furnace as a secondary system enable more heating choices, ensuring the best comfort, and energy savings. Contracting a skilled technician or an installation and repair company can take care of your immediate and long term needs.

5. Kitchen Care

Refrigerator and furnace repairs can usually be handled by a skilled handyman which can save you time and money. If you need to replace such heavy items, try a second-hand store or a scratch-and-dent store where you can find them at nominal prices. If you are refurbishing, try creating recessed outlets. They work like a charm in small kitchens conveniently placing small appliances against the backsplash maximizing counter space and arranging cords neatly.

6. Bathroom Care

One of the first things that tenants check thoroughly is the washroom. It goes without saying that the bathroom must be thoroughly clean. Installing a dual-flush toilet will impress the environment-conscious prospect. Worn off enamel or cracked tile can give a very unclean appearance to toilets, basin, and tub. Make sure you polish them thoroughly. Sterilize the bathroom, and ensure all light fixtures are in working order.

7. Polish the Floors

Laminates are a more durable alternative than carpets. They have an elegant look, are easier to maintain and don’t need to be professionally cleaned for each new tenant. If you do not have a floor cleaning machine, a cleaning company can help you with a one-time waxing and scrubbing of your rental property every two years. Some of them use carpet extractors which work on any kind of hard or carpeted floor and provide better, long-lasting results in less time.

8. Model Up the Windows

Window curtains are the best alternative to hard-to-handle window blinds. They are easy to wash and maintain and they come in a variety of  sizes, colours and patterns. The next best alternative is window shades.

9. Doors and Cabinets

Custom-cabinet and door stores usually have a good selection of drawers, handles and doors which are sometimes available for discounted prices due to minor errors or damages. Go creative with knobs and handles for better appeal.

10. Creating Space

Using room dividers in place of walls can give a larger sense of space and the flexibility to convert it into another room. Utilize the space above the refrigerator or bathroom vanity cabinets by adding a shelf, loft or lights . White makes everything look big and bright. Use it effectively especially if you have a small bathroom or kitchen.

You don’t need to make drastic alterations to pump up the value of your rental property. Simple improvements can make any rental property a comfortable, inviting home to prospects.