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Spring Cleaning Tips from an Expert

spring cleaning

Surprise! As the bright April sun shines through the window, you’ll notice dust bunnies hopping around  … and grime lurking … that you didn’t know existed. After a long, dull winter, our interior spaces need a really good spring cleaning.

However, many places in the most common areas of the home are often forgotten!  YouTube celebrity and cleaning expert Melissa Maker, of Clean My Space, provides us with easy tips and tricks for tackling five forgotten places in the kitchen:

spring cleaning
Melissa Maker.

1.     Fan coils behind the fridge: by eliminating dust you will get rid of the buzz you hear from your fridge. This will also help in reducing your energy bill because the fridge doesn’t have to work so hard to suck in air.

2. Dishwasher: unfortunately, your dishwasher isn’t a self-cleaning appliance, so over time bits of food get stuck, residue builds up and mould and odour can grow. To clean, remove the filter and wash it out, and drop in an affresh® Dishwasher cleaner tablet to power away any hard water and mineral deposits.

3. Overhead exhaust: cleaning helps remove grease particles, microscopic grease in the air, as well as kitchen odours. Filters become gross and grimy over time, so remove and clean to help the kitchen stay and look great – soak or even pop it in the dishwasher!

4. The bottom side of the upper cabinets: this is a graveyard for old spills and greasy messes, and peaking your head under your cabinets will reveal a disgusting residue that only requires a simple degreaser, 15 minutes of wait time and a gentle wipe.

5. Crisper drawers: when you put produce in these drawers, often times pieces fall off and mould and crust, dirt and debris from the produce come off the fruit or vegetable, and food can even liquefy. To clean, first sort through your produce and throw out anything that has gone bad and set the rest aside. Take out the drawers, mix equal parts baking soda and dish soap, scrub it on, rinse and dry. Then consider using a liner or paper towel to make clean up easier.