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Bed Bugs? Yes, You Might Have Them

bed bugs

4 Signs You May Have Bed Bugs and not Even Know It

Almost half of residents who have had bed bug problems were unaware of their presence, according to a study by the Journal of Medical Entomology. It’s tempting to think your family is immune to bed bugs, that you’ve never seen activity and your home is clean enough. But bed bugs can hide in crevices as slim as a credit card and thrive in even the cleanest of homes.

Fortunately, there are some clues bed bugs leave behind that can help catch an infestation before it starts. Here’s what to look for and what to do if you have bed bugs in your home.

That Tick or Flea Problem Isn’t Going Away

You may think that the family pet is tracking in ticks and fleas and pay a visit to the vet or invest in powders to combat the problem. However, your home may have a bed bug problem instead. Adult bed bugs grow to be around the size of tick, but a baby is a mere speck of dust. Look at areas near baseboards, headboards and in crevices to see if the mystery fleas and dust are accumulating in bed bug prone hideaways.

Orkin pest control also recommends taking a close look around the seams of mattresses and across your bed sheets. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, wash and dry your linens on the highest heat available, declutter areas near furniture and inspect your curtains. It’s also time to call a professional before your bed bug infestation spirals out of control.

Your Sheets Have Rusty Spots on Them

Alarmed at small, rust-colored blood stains on your kids’ sheets? They may have rolled over and crushed a bug bed while sleeping or have bites on their backs and arms that bled in the night. Bed bugs don’t carry diseases, but they can be a nuisance and feed on people and pets. Call a professional exterminator and ask about their methods of eradication to give you and your family peace of mind.

Your Family Is Getting Rows and Clusters of Bites

Do your kids wake up complaining of bug bites? If you didn’t spend time outdoors the evening before and your house is clear of mosquitoes and other flying creatures, you may have bed bugs.

Purchase bed bug monitors to help determine if you have a problem. Position them under your bed for a chance to catch some of them before they mate and spiral out of control. Vacuuming thoroughly around your house and directly on your baseboards can help suck up some bed bugs. But remember to throw the entire vacuum bag out as they can still be living inside.

You Can’t Find the Source of That Musty Smell

Are you smelling something musty and offensive lingering around your bedrooms? If you can’t figure out the source, it may be something besides dirty laundry or leftover food. Believe it or not, bed bugs give off an odor from their fecal matter. If it smells bad, it’s likely you have a problem. In addition to a musty smell, in low concentrations, bed bugs can smell a little more sickly sweet or like coriander.