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Keep your yards healthy in the heat


Tips and tricks for taking care of your lawn and garden in excessive heat

“When we go out in the heat, we take a number of precautions to ensure we avoid any potential risks and stay healthy and hydrated,” says Denis Flanagan of Landscape Ontario. “Like us, our lawns and gardens also need to be protected from the hot and dry conditions.”

The realities of the hot temperatures can be detrimental to your outdoor landscape and yards, but there are a number of simple tips and tricks Flanagan has identified that can go a long way in keeping your lawn and garden healthy in the heat.

Lawn Care

“Lawns may seem to be the most affected by the blazing sun, but in reality, lawns are very smart and tend to go dormant when there is a lack of water,” Flanagan says. “Lawns are not dying, they are just napping under a brown blanket and will usually green up with some rain.”

But if a drought should occur and you feel your lawn needs some hydration, Flanagan says it’s important to keep the following in mind:

·         Hose-end overhead sprinklers can be wasteful when the spray is watering sidewalks and driveways. Instead, try using a soaker hose to water your lawn.

·         The ultimate solution is to contact a professional certified irrigation company who can access your property and develop a water saving plan that will keep your lawn healthy while reducing water use.

Garden Care 

Trees and shrubs are typically most durable in the heat, while plants and flowers need the most attention. Nonetheless, it’s important to ensure they are all properly watered and cared for when temperatures are excessively hot. 

Flanagan suggests the following for keeping your garden healthy in the heat:

·         If newly planted, pay close attention to deep watering around the root zones of trees and shrubs, and consider a water retention bag that fits around the base of the trunk to keep the roots hydrated.

·         Vegetable and flower gardens should be given a good soaking early in the morning. If you’re using a sprinkler, you can avoid wasting water by keeping it low and targeted at the crop.

For more information on summer gardening, water saving ideas, rain harvesting and drought resistant plants, visit Landscape Ontario’s website at www.landscapeontario.com.