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6 Things You Should Add When Renovating An Office Space

If anything the past office culture taught us, it is the fact that people do not want to be in cubicles. Offices should be more than just spaces where people work, otherwise, you get depressed workers. People that hate their jobs are always much less productive than people who like their jobs. This does not mean that they need to love every fiber of the job’s existence. It just means liking the job to the point you do not despise it.

This is why it is very important to renovate your office space, and make it dynamic. Everyone knows the feeling of going to work and thinking that you can do something much better. The point is to minimize this feeling of dread that comes with working in a boring office. And the best thing is, you do not even need to do that much work to make a change for the better. Here are 6 things you should add when renovating an office space.

1. Lighting

Everyone takes light for granted because well, it is just there and exists. However, good lighting can make such a difference in an office space that you will not want to go back. This is why it is important to contact an LED light expert and see what they can do for you for your office. Besides great comfort, LEDs are also both more eco-friendly and cost-effective. Why would you not want something that can only benefit you and is so simple as lighting?

2. Air purifier

Again, another thing that we take for granted, is the air around us. Air in an office space can become quite unpleasant because, logically, everyone breathes. We have all seen what unfiltered air can do to big masses of people, so it is also a health hazard. An air purifier is especially important if your office is near an industrial site with air pollution. Exposure to such pollution will have consequences in the long-term and you can avoid them easily

3. Plants

Plants always give a more lively vibe to the office which is something everyone needs. By putting up a few plants here and there, you will already notice a big difference. However, plants must be maintained if you do not want rotting plants around the office. Make sure to put them in places where they can get sunlight and put someone on watering duty. With this simple addition and some maintenance, you can make a big difference. 

4. Paint Job

A nice wall coloring can make a room feel much more comfortable. The best examples come from hospitals, everyone knows the horror movie hospital scene. Seeing such bland walls with poor lighting can only cause chills and stress. This is why you should think about putting up something new on the walls if you do not want a horror movie scene. Again, this is a pretty simple addition that can have a big impact on everyone. 

5. New shared space

Updating your office with a new space where everyone can hang out can only bring joy and happiness. Everyone needs some downtime while they work and this space is a lifesaver. It does not need to have a jacuzzi and massage chairs, but they are most certainly welcome. Just some chairs, a table to eat at, some stereo, a TV screen and you are good to go. Happy employees are always better employees and you want to be remembered as a great boss.

6. Unique touch

People like working in spaces that are unique, that have a unique taste. This means putting up some logos here and there with accessories unique to your business. Just imagine the free marketing you get when someone posts a picture near the company’s logo or even better a sculpture? Everyone loves taking pictures of these and that always results in free marketing for you, everyone wins.

With these 6 tips, you are bound to make an office space that people will enjoy. And is this not what all of this is about, making others happy? Is it not in everyone’s interest to do what they can to make their surroundings feel better? Why on earth do people then try to make everything more miserable than it already is? These are some pretty simple questions with complicated answers and long discussions.

However, one thing you can definitely change is what your office space looks like. You can change that and you can bring so many new changes to other people’s lives. This is what true power looks like, making people around you happy and comfortable. And it really is not hard to grasp this true power and share happiness with others in your office space.