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Cozy Home to a Cozy life: Preparations for Winter

Winter is upon us once again, and with that in mind, we have to once again tackle the dos and don’ts of keeping your home neat and safe. Winters can be long and tedious so it is imperative that we prepare ourselves for the harsh conditions. Below is a lit of things you can cross out before winter hits your door.

Turn Your Closet Upside Down

Remember that full-sleeved dress you bought purely out of eye-candy purposes, that was too “fluffy” for that specific time and place? Well, good news, pull that out from the bottom of your closet and place it at the top, because you’re going to be reaching for it in absolutely no time at all.

Spend a lazy afternoon taking out and organizing your closet. Grab those amazing winter leather jackets that you have; it’s time for some great Instagram photos.

Makeup, Moisturizers, and Lotions

That’s right, time to buy some new makeup right away! Winter affects your skin in many different ways, but the main idea is to make sure you stay well-moisturized and ready for when you’re about to head out into the negative temperatures.

Besides basic lotions, using some night cream before going to bed will be a healthy way to keep your face and skin well-nourished throughout the long and comfy winter night.

Answer That Service Call

Quite often, someone calls offering to service or assess our homes, and we rightfully disregard it. Well, not anymore; the next time you get this call, make sure to ask them about the rates and services they offer because it’s time to invest again in the inner workings of your home’s atmosphere.

The Furnace

You need your furnace to run optimally this winter to keep the heating on and help give you that amazing beauty sleep at night. So, as mentioned above, any investment in your furnace will be a good investment.

Get your furnace serviced and change the filters if you haven’t done so in a while. Make sure your thermostat works and keep your home slightly more humid than normal to combat the dry air of winter.

The Pipes

As with your gardening hoses, it’s quite important to make sure nothing happens to the pipes transferring the water around your home. However, the consequence for anything happening to these kinds of pipes will punish you and your wallet quite a bit more than a hose. A good practice is to have the heat turned up to 12-15°C when you’re away from home, to make sure the water doesn’t freeze and break your pipes. You do not want to come home and see it flooded in the middle of a winter night.

For pipes outdoors, water faucets and such, either drain them out completely out or if you plan on using them, insulate it with insulating foams.


Be sure to get your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected before the cold weather comes. A good practice is to keep your chimney closed on the top so that snow cannot come in. But if you’re looking to entertain guests over for wine and cheese, well make sure you get a chimney balloon for after the party has ended.

Heating your home with a long-burning fire will help keep heating costs down and provide a great homey atmosphere for you and your family. Gather wood to burn and keep it covered outside or stacked in your garage so that it stays dry and ready to burn.

Weather Seals

Take a walk around your home, inspecting your doors and windows. What you’re looking for are basically the seals around the edges. If they’re not properly sealed, or needs resealing, this is one of the easiest ways for the cold to get inside. Re-caulk around the frame or add weather stripping as needed to close any gaps or holes.

Floor Insulation

Two steps that we often skip are our floors and our feet (Get it? Skipping something? Feet?). There’s not a lot of competition to walking around your home in your socks during winter. The feeling is quite cozy, and that’s what we’re all about, aren’t we?

Regardless of having wood or stone floors, there’s a wide variety of floor heating options available. So spend some time checking out electric radiant floor heating reviews and decide on which option best suits your budget.

Beware of Carbon Monoxide

Now that you’ve blocked your home from all outside sources that could potentially ruin your sleep or completely wreck your infrastructure, there is one last step to take care of, carbon monoxide. Stoves, driers, water heaters, and your furnace may all use fuel to create the heat, and while that’s completely normal, if you experience any leaking, these gases can be quite harmful to your health.

Now would be a good time to invest in a carbon monoxide detector, which will monitor your home continuously for excess levels of the gas. While you’re at it, check out your smoke detectors as well.

Final Thoughts

Checking out the list above is sure to keep you prepared for the winter that’s coming your way. Finally, make sure to stock up on your comforters and blankets; it’s going to be a long and cold winter.