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Decorating Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to Your Bathroom

When it’s time to move into a new home you always think about how you can add a personal touch to the interior design so that you’re able to reflect your personality and style. You tend to always give priority to rooms like the living room and bedroom, but the bathrooms are just as important when it comes to designing them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck and don’t really know where to begin when it comes to adding a personal touch to your bathroom, there’s nothing to worry about. This is where we come in to help you with a few great bathroom decoration ideas. 

Color Scheme

To really be able to bring all your brilliant ideas together and add a personal touch to a small space without going overboard, you first need to decide on the color scheme that you would like to follow. Remember that while you are allowed to go in a unique direction, you still don’t want it to stand out from the rest of the house, in the sense that you still want some kind of flow to exist. So try to pick colors that complement each other and that also complement the scheme that is running throughout the rest of the house, or at least the room that you are coming in from. No rule says that you can only use 2 colors- remember that you’re also playing around with textures and materials as well, so this plays into your final decision as you pick your color scheme. For example, you can choose to work with white or black along with a choice of wood textures that will actually complement each other quite well. 

Custom Made Shower Curtain

A really smart move you can make is to have a custom-made curtain shower put up. It’s important to note that the shower curtain does stand out, so make sure that you pick a unique shower curtain design that works well with the rest of the interior of the bathroom. If you’re creating the design yourself, make sure that you get the dimensions right so that it looks exactly the way you had envisioned it. It can be anything from a picture to a pattern or even your favorite painting. 

Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting has always been pretty standard, but it doesn’t always have to be. You can have more than one fixture put in, and you can even put in a statement fixture if you like. The kind of light you use depends on how large the space is, and you also have to keep the color scheme in mind. You want the lighting to really bring everything together while providing sufficient lighting. Don’t forget that this is the bathroom after all, and function is still a big deal over here!

Bring Nature In

The great thing about nature is that it goes well with any color scheme you might have picked. The best thing you can do is put in a succulent because they will be able to withstand the steam that comes out from the shower when you turn on the hot water. Adding a touch of greenery will really add another dimension and will give the bathroom a touch of class. Just make sure that you know about the plant you choose and that it’s an indoor plant that won’t die.

Mirrors Can Be Fun

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but you can go the extra mile and make it the focal point if you like. You can get a mirror that has an artistic frame or one studded with lights all around. There are also fog-free options that you should consider that don’t fog when there is steam in the bathroom. 

Storage Ideas

You will be amazed at the innovative bathroom storage ideas available these days that are able to utilize every inch of your bathroom without crowding it. There are shelving options that are designed to fit over the toilet and take up space above it. You can also look into classy laundry baskets that you can place beneath the sink, or wall shelving ideas for the shower or bath so there’s no clutter surrounding that space. 


Using the ideas mentioned here allows you to think about how you can decorate the bathroom in a way that is unique to you and your style. When it comes to designing a bathroom and adding your touch to it, it’s always important to remember that you need to consider functionality along with appearance. If you can marry these two aspects together, you’re going to have an amazing bathroom.