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Improve Your Bathroom’s Style


by Katrina Denning

Do you ever dream about a long bath—with bubbles and candlelight—while you’re at the office? Don’t worry; most of us do! However, just the bath and the smell of the bath salts is not enough to allow you to be completely relaxed. You also need an elegant atmosphere that is easy on the eyes and that immerses you in a zen state.

Every element matters, starting with the color of the walls and finishing with the type of flooring underfoot. So, let’s see how you can make your bathroom a relaxation heaven.


Spruce the place up

Well, nothing invites you to relax more than a clean bathroom with shiny faucets and beautiful furniture. However, in time, small accessories (like the faucets or the shower head) tend to accumulate chalk and are stained by water and constant use. Here are a few upkeep tips that may help improve the shine, even when you’re on a budget:

Remove the faucets and the showerhead and place them in a vinegar solution for a few hours. Next give them a good brushing and cleanse them with water. They should shine like the day you bought them.

Add some lubricant to creaky appliances like faucets. No one likes to hear that high-pitch noise an old faucet makes and if you have to hear it before your relaxing bath it may not be that soothing.

Change the color of the cabinets; add a fresh shade of paint and you’ll feel a difference instantly.

Add a note of modernism

Remember those bathroom sinks you like so much? The ones of glass or the ones that can be hung on the wall with a small, cute cabinet beneath? Now’s not the time to be sentimental about old times with your bathroom sink or tub! If they are cracked and yellow, it’s time to change them with something modern.

Modern materials such as glass and ceramic offer a great way to create a chic, uplifting atmosphere.

Increase the storage space

It doesn’t matter how elegant your bathroom is if you have towels and all sorts of items scattered all over the place! If you feel there’s not enough space for more cabinets, you can use simple tricks like suspended shelves or stairs. It’s also stylish to leave towels out in the open, but they have to be rolled-up neatly.

Wood is a texture that looks amazing in a bathroom. You can have fun with wood shelves, wood crates, and even old nightstands.

If you don’t have enough space to put your shampoos and soaps on the edge of the tub, you can always hang a few suspended shelves in one corner.

Add real furniture

If you have space, a nice, comfy armchair will look amazing in your bathroom. It will also improve the general ambience and will invite you to a long and relaxing home spa session. Why not add large cabinets that can be used as storage with a large LED mirror on top? Now you can check your hair and general appearance sitting down and relaxed.

You don’t have to remake the bathroom to improve its impact. Just a few details and you’ll be wanting some bath time daily.