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Insects in Your House? Use Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Them

No one likes insects and bugs in their home. They are annoying, and many even carry viruses and infections. This doesn’t mean you should soak your entire home is something that is even more harmful than those pests.

According to EPA, Americans use at least one harmful pesticide inside their home every year. These pesticides are loaded with toxins that can make indoor air quality harmful for health. Thousands of children suffer from pesticide poisoning every year. Exposure to pesticides inside homes and schools can lead to numerous ailments of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and even the nervous system.

Children who are exposed to these dangerous chemicals are 47 percent more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia. Not to mention, indoor pesticides are associated with higher risks of cancer in people of all ages.

Natural ways to the rescue

Aren’t these facts devastating?

It is important to get rid of insects from your home. But is it worth risking the health and wellbeing of the people you love?

Don’t worry. We are living in the age of awareness, and the world is now realizing the importance of making natural, organic, and safer choices. You can make your home bugproof without introducing harmful toxins to the indoor air. There are many natural, organic, and safer ways to keep insects away from your home.

Let’s take a look.

1. Spices to Keep Away the Vices

Do you love the smell of fresh spices? Insect don’t.

If you have any herb garden near your kitchen window, you must have noticed a lack of insects in that area. Cinnamon and basil are especially helpful.

If there are too many ants in your house, sprinkle cinnamon powder in the corners, and they will leave you alone. Find places where they have built homes and put more powder there. If there is a particular point of entry from where they come into your home, make a line of cinnamon powder. And they will never set a foot beyond that line.

Then we have basil leaves. Fresh basil has a strong smell that most insects hate. If you are frustrated with houseflies, try putting pots of fresh basil near the entry points. You can also put dried basil in a muslin pouch and hang it near windows and doors.

Bay leaves are great moth repellents. Put some crushed bay leaves in a jar and put that jar in the area where moths are most likely to be. You can replace them with new leaves once the scent has faded.

2. Essential Oils for Total Eradication

Growing herbs and spices isn’t possible in homes that don’t get enough sunshine. However, there is a better alternative in such a case.

You can always use essential oils as a substitute. While the oils may be more expensive than herbs, they are also more potent.

Spraying cinnamon oil is more effective against ants as well as dust mites. Tea tree oil offers protection against all kinds of lice. Fruit flies hate the smell of lavender oil. Cedar oil is a good moth repellent. And if you have eight legged nuisance in your home, try lemon or orange essential oil. Citrus is a great spider repellent.

The best way to use essential oils for total eradication of insects from your home is to add the oil into a 50/50 mixture of water and denatured alcohol. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it in drawers, cupboards, corners, common entry points, and hiding places.

3. Disinfect with Salt Vinegar

Some insects such as fleas and flies can leave tiny eggs and larvae behind. After getting rid of the insects, you will have to disinfect the area to make sure there are no eggs and larvae left.

Both salt and vinegar are great disinfectants. Use a bit of both mixed in the water and mop the floor with that water. If you have carpet in the room, it is usually the best place for the insects to lay eggs and hide. Sprinkle a lot of salt on the carpet and let it stay there for a while. Vacuum the entire place after a few hours and your carpet will be completely free of all insects.

4. The Legendary Trap and Kill

Some pests are good at hiding. Roaches for instance. They are the worst of all. A great way to eradicate roaches is to first lure them out and then kill them. Sugar is a great bait. Mix a bit of sugar with a lot of borax. Those hungry pests will come out, eat, and die. Many other insects will be lured by sugar, and none of them will actually survive borax.

You can also put a mixture of honey and vinegar in an open jar to lure fruit flies. Once trapped in vinegar, they won’t be able to escape till they breathe their last.

5. Use Store-bought Organic Products

Thankfully, we are living in an age when it is possible to find organic alternatives for every chemical product. There are many brands that now offer organic bug sprays and insect repellents. Approved by EPA and other organizations, they are free of toxins but are equally effective.

So, if you have an intense infestation problem, or are dealing with more stubborn pests such as bed bugs, go for those store bought organic insecticides.

6. Finally, Keep Your Home Clean

Most pests are attracted by leftovers. They like the foul scent of rotting food, standing water, and fruits that are about to go bad. It is important to make sure you are not giving them a lot of reasons to come inside your home and enjoy what they see.

All rooms in the home need to be cleaned almost every day. The kitchen should be cleaned every time you cook or eat. Brush or vacuum away all the leftovers and dust, and use disinfectants at least three times a week. The cleaner your home is, the less welcoming it would seem to those pesky insects.

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