More Fun Walking Fido

Walking Fido just got easier — and a whole lot more fun — thanks to some inventive new offerings. You can walk at night, with light to guide your way, and walk more safely in all winter conditions, thanks to a new type of leash that keeps pulling and tugging to a minimum. Because nobody like to do the equivalent of waterskiing on snowy or icy streets!

A Walk in the Park

Along for the Exercise

Bring comfort and enjoyment back to walking your dog with The Perfect Leash. The 100 per cent rubber-free polyurethane design was made with the pet owner in mind. The leash absorbs your dog’s energy when he wants to tug and pull and creates a smoother and safer walk for both of you. With a lifetime guarantee, The Perfect Leash will not break, crack, fray, become brittle or lose its shape. The handle is child-friendly and comfortable to hold, allowing you to feel at ease while walk- ing your pooch. The leashes are available in different lengths, sizes and colours, and can be found at

Night Vision

Nite Ize makes and sells a wide variety of accessories that help with little things in a big way. The SpotLit LED light is a convenient clip-on light that comes in white or red, and can be set to glow or flash.  It’s a great tool to have while walking the dog or to unlock the door at night. Another product great for the grandkids is the AstroBrite, an LED bean ball that is fun to play in the dark and easy to find. If you’re looking to organize your headphones to prevent them from getting into a tangled mess, try the Curvyman Cord Supervisor. Just wrap the cord around the body and enjoy the convenience of shortening, clipping and storing tangle-free. For more information on Nite Ize products, visit