Unique Canadian Skincare


Just three ingredients in this freshly-made Canadian skincare product that’s available on-demand only! 

Hebe is a Canadian skincare serum that contains only three ingredients: medical grade water, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. The unique thing about this serum (besides being a Canadian product) is that it is made fresh; therefore it is only available on-demand. That guarantees that the active ingredients are always at their optimal efficiency and available in their purest forms.

Hebe has no chemicals, perfumes, parabens or preservatives added, making it a suitable product even for the most sensitive skin types. For better results, it is recommended you use it within 60 days after production.

That’s the lifespan of Vitamin C; any other products that contain Vitamin C need a lot of preservatives to make them shelf-stable).

Hebe is very light (with almost a water-like consistency), dries really fast and blends perfectly with any skincare routine. The best use is in conjunction with your beauty routine as the hyaluronic acid acts as hydration magnet to enhance the effect of your daily moisturizer. Most users start seeing results in as little as three weeks, and these include skin that looks firmer, younger, more plumped and glowing. People also notice a reduction in dark spots, therefore a more even skin tone.

The other interesting thing about this product is the “entrepreneurial” aspect of how it was developed. The idea came when the creator of Hebe, who had been in charge of a company offering installation and manufacturing of water treatment systems for over 30 years, learned about the properties of hyaluronic acid and how it can help hydrate the skin. He got curious and decided to investigate what his wife had been using. And he was shocked at the amount of chemicals in her beauty products. So he set out to create an all-natural serum with hyaluronic acid that would have the least amount of ingredients possible and no chemicals. After extensive research and tests, Hebe was born.

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