3 Things to Consider when Buying a Golf Cart

The game of golf is enjoyed by millions across the country. As per the National Golf Foundation, in the year 2021 alone 25.1 million people hit the courses. Golf is one of those sports that can appeal to a wide range of ages regardless of skill level, giving people a chance to get outdoors, be active and even be social. 

If you’re a golfer yourself and you’re looking to get more serious about the sport you love, then you may be considering purchasing a golf cart. It’s a convenient way to get around the course, and if you golf often, it makes more sense to own a cart rather than rent it each time. But before you rush in and make a purchase, here are three things to consider.

New or Used – It Comes Down to a Few Factors

The first thing to consider is whether you want a new or used golf cart. A new one is great in that you’re the only owner. There will also be a warranty on the cart, and you’ll have all the latest features. As well as this, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it will run perfectly. However, new carts can be extremely expensive and may be out of the budget.

On the flip side, used carts can be found for a great deal and can still be very reliable, modern and a pleasure to use. There are so many golf cart accessories you can pick up that will help you update the look of the cart and add even more features to it. Wheels are often the first things to show wear and tear, but you can easily replace them at a reasonable price. Check out shops like Golf Cart Tire Supply to get a better idea of pricing.

If you do plan on buying a used car, make sure you do a thorough inspection looking for damage and obvious wear and tear. While you may not mind fixing issues and replacing parts, it needs to factor into the price.

Go with a Trusted and Reliable Brand

The next tip is to make sure you choose a trusted and reliable brand. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used; a trusted brand means you know they will stand behind the product. Some of the best-known brands on the market are Yamaha, EZ-GO and Club Car.

Gas and Electric Models Mean You Need to Make a Choice

Then there is the question of fuel, meaning is the golf cart powered by gas or is it electric? There is no wrong or right answer here, rather it is about fitting with your needs and expectations. 

With the price of gas being so high over the past couple of years, you may like the idea of an electric model since the prices seem to be more stable and reliable. It’s also the more environmentally friendly choice if you’re looking to reduce your footprint. Electric carts also operate very quietly, which can be nice when you’ve got a passenger(s) in the cart and you’re trying to have a conversation.

The advantages of choosing a gas-powered golf cart are that they tend to cost less in maintenance. Batteries for electric carts are very expensive, and if you have the cart long enough, you’ll need to replace it. Some also argue that because golf carts are so fuel-efficient, you aren’t saving much by switching to electric. This can be determined by the model you have. And if you like the idea of power and speed, then gas-powered is the way to go.

The fact is that the right cart for you is out there—it’s just a matter of doing your research and not feeling pressured to make a quick decision.