6 Eco-Friendly Hair Products You Should Try

Do you want to make your beauty routine more sustainable? Everyone knows that the beauty industry has one of the highest carbon footprints among all industries in the world. Fortunately, many eco-friendly hair products are available for those who wish to make their everyday routines a bit greener. Here we will introduce six of the best eco-friendly hair products on the market today – so you can enjoy looking and feeling beautiful while also protecting our environment! 

1. Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars offer a more sustainable, eco-friendly option than traditional liquid shampoo. As you can see at, there are alternative products to liquid shampoo that reduce plastic waste and rely on natural ingredients that won’t damage hair or the environment. In addition, most shampoo bars have an all-natural formula that contains plant-based oils and butter such as coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter that are effective at cleansing your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. These ingredients also provide long-lasting moisture, so you don’t have to worry about frizz or tangles. Additionally, many shampoo bars are vegan, cruelty-free, free from parabens and sulfates, and made with organic botanicals for a healthy scalp and nourished locks.

2. Conditioner Bar

Conditioner bars are an eco-friendly option for hair care. Unlike traditional bottle and tube conditioners, these products require no packaging or shipping materials. That means less waste in landfills, fewer carbon emissions from transportation, and reduce plastic production—all of which can help reduce our environmental impact. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, conditioner bars greatly benefit your hair health. Most contain natural ingredients that nourish the scalp and strands without leaving a heavy residue or buildup. And because they are concentrated, they last much longer than liquid options—so you don’t have to buy more products every few weeks constantly. 

And while some may worry that using a bar may lead to over-conditioning, this is rarely the case. Because you are using a concentrated product, you only need to use a small amount each time you shampoo and condition your hair. This ensures that your hair won’t be weighed down with excess product. 

3. Solid Hair Mask

The solid hair mask is an eco-friendly hair product you should definitely try. It’s a unique, solid form of the mask designed to be used conveniently and effectively while helping reduce plastic waste. Not only does the solid hair mask last longer than traditional liquid masks, but it also helps to protect our planet – which is always a plus! 

The solid hair mask is cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and contains natural ingredients like kaolin clay and shea butter. Kaolin clay has natural cleansing properties for your scalp, while shea butter is a moisturizer that deep conditions hair follicles. Combining these two ingredients helps nourish, moisturize, and revitalize dull or damaged hair.

The packaging of the solid hair masque is made of recycled materials and is biodegradable, making it an even more environmentally friendly option. This product also contains no harsh chemicals or toxins, making it a safe choice for your hair. 

4. Hair Oil

When it comes to hair care, many of us are making a conscious decision to switch out traditional products for more eco-friendly options. Hair oil is an excellent choice as it offers all the benefits of conventional haircare products while being kinder to the environment. 

First and foremost, hair oil is mostly made up of natural ingredients such as jojoba, argan, or coconut oil. These natural oils contain antioxidants that can help protect your scalp from free radicals. They also act as a protective barrier against the elements, which helps to keep your hair healthy and strong. Unlike other hair care products that often come in plastic packaging, most hair oils come in glass bottles that can be recycled easily. 

5. Solid Hair Mousse

Regarding hair care products, nothing beats solid hair mousse in terms of eco-friendliness. A solid hair mousse is free of water and other liquids, making it an ideal choice for people looking to reduce their environmental impact. Plus, unlike traditional liquid mousses, there’s no risk of leakage or spills — meaning less waste ending up in landfills.

A solid hair mousse also contains fewer additives than its liquid counterparts, and it’s made from natural ingredients that won’t damage your scalp or cause irritation. Additionally, this product doesn’t require any plastic packaging — making it a much more sustainable choice than traditional hair mousses. And since you don’t have to use as much of the product each time you style your hair, it’ll last longer and save you money in the long run.

6. Hair Serum

Hair serum is an eco-friendly hair product you should try if you want to protect the environment and your hair. Hair serum is typically made from natural ingredients, such as plant-based oils and extracts, which are more environmentally friendly and nourishing for your hair. These natural ingredients can help hydrate, smooth, and protect your strands without harsh chemicals or toxins. Moreover, they can even restore elasticity in damaged hair or reduce frizziness in coarse and curly manes. 

In addition to its environmental impact, using a hair serum can be beneficial for keeping your locks healthy long-term. These products provide deep conditioning and protection against heat-styling tools like flat irons or curling wands. They can also help keep your hair’s natural oils intact, staying strong and retaining its shine. This means fewer visits to the salon for touch-ups or color treatments, which is kinder to the environment and your wallet. 

These six eco-friendly hair products provide an excellent way to make your beauty routine more sustainable without sacrificing performance or quality. Not only are they better for our planet, but they also provide amazing benefits to your hair – so you can look and feel beautiful while doing your part to protect our environment!