A Short Guide On Taking Care Of Your Glasses

A lot of people’s glasses are in very bad condition. The main reason for this is that people generally have no idea how they’re supposed to look after them. Unfortunately, though, the cost of glasses is going through the roof. If you wear them, then you probably already know this.

If you wear glasses, then you need to start taking care of them. Breaking or damaging them could lead to you having to replace them. In the interim between breaking and buying new glasses, you could actually be unable to see (because you don’t have a pair to wear).

The best way to avoid buying a new pair and not being able to see is to take care of yours. This post will tell you how you can do that.

Backup Lenses

Sometimes people break their glasses, even after taking good care of them. Unfortunately though, for such individuals, breaking their glasses can leave them unable to see. It is always important, according to the experts over at, to have a pair of replacement lenses. If you do break your glasses then, you’ll be able to pop your replacement lenses into a second pair of glasses (which it’s also important to have) and you’ll be able to see again. Be sure to buy new replacement lenses if you have to use your current replacements, in case you break the new glasses you’ve started wearing too.

Quality Glasses

It’s very common for people to try and save money on their glasses. Very few people actually go out and buy high-quality glasses, mainly because they don’t want to spend a fortune on something they consider to be unnecessary. However, buying quality glasses (like designer ones) is not an unnecessary expense. In fact, if you wear glasses, it is very necessary. Buying quality glasses will mean that they last you a lot longer, you look good, and you get a warranty. Most designer eyewear retailers offer warranties, which you don’t get with low-quality brands.

Using Case

You need to make sure that you store your glasses in a case when you are not using them. Never let them hang from your shirt pocket or sit in your actual trouser pockets. Storing glasses in anything other than their intended case could lead to them being broken or damaged. It’s common for people to accidentally crush or sit on their glasses when they store them in their pockets. If you do not have the case for your glasses anymore, then you can buy a case online. Cases should not set you back a lot and are widely available.

Water Wipes

Whenever you need to wipe your glasses, make sure that you wipe them with water. It’s unfortunately common for people to try and wipe their glasses with dry cloths, but this is a bad idea. When you use a dry cloth, you just smudge dirt all over your glasses. A wet cloth will lift dirt off, and also polish them. Once you have wiped down your glasses with a wet cloth, you can then use their polishing cloth to give them a nice shine. Try to use saline water if you can, because sometimes tap water contains minerals. These minerals can damage your glasses.

Routine Maintenance

Perform routine maintenance, too. Sometimes, you’ll need to tighten bolts and screws on your glasses. If you do not do this, then they could become weak and flimsy. Make sure that you send your glasses to a professional company to be fixed if you cannot do it yourself. You should never just ignore your glasses though, because if you do, then they will eventually break on you. If you do intend on sending them to be fixed by a professional, then you’ll need to make sure that you have a backup pair to wear in the interim between sending them and getting them back.

Careful Handling

Finally, handle your glasses carefully. Make sure that you never pick them up by the nose piece, and only ever hold them by the frame. Careful handling will help to preserve and prolong your glasses’ life. If you are unsure of how to properly handle glasses, then there are myriad guides available online. It’s worth reading such guides (or watching videos) so that you can learn the proper technique for handling glasses. Once you know how to handle them, then you will not have to worry about causing damage to your glasses again in the future.

If you wear glasses, then take care of them. If you have no idea how to, then this post’s advice will no doubt come in handy. Be sure to give each point consideration and incorporate the guidance here into your daily life. Doing so will help you to look after your glasses and keep them in a good condition.