The Aura Collection

These sweet treats are good for you and the planet. Handmade in Ontario using plant-based fat, cashews and coconut milk instead of fondant, replicating the ganache typically used in chocolate confections, The Aura Collection is CXBO Chocolates’s first assortment of vegan chocolates. Crafted by chocolatier Brandon Olsen and inspired by artist and CXBO co-owner Sarah Keenlyside’s design of The Aura Room at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, these premium jewel-toned treats are made with dairy-free customers in mind, but are intended for all to enjoy. The Aura Collection includes nine artisanal flavours inspired by the energy and colours of the aura colour wheel, including Orange/Bay Leaf/Olive Oil, Cinnamon/Rose/Chili and Blackcurrant/Violet. Available at Jacobson’s Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa.