Udoq 400 Power Plug & Play Charging/Docking Stations for Apple /Android

The first patented multi-device luxury docking/charging luxury station
for all mobile devices, udoq 400 Power for Apple and udoq 400 for
Android are one-size-fits-all stylish stations for
charging/docking up to five smartphones, tablets, music players,
smartwatches, eReaders, and other devices. Created by the minimalist
designers of Porsche according to German engineering standards, udoq 400
Power is plug & play ready, made of elegant sturdy high-grade aluminium
that’s built to last.

Named “Best iPhone Docks 2019” by Macworld UK, udoq organizes multiple
devices and cables with an innovative patented process which allows
users to quickly and neatly move and slide back and forth all the
charging cables (including Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C, 30-Pin, with
Adapter for Apple Watch) from multiple devices in one station without
the mess and disorganization of tangled cables and lost devices.

Price: $139.90-$169.90

Buy at:  & coming to Amazon soon