Tag - May 2023

Celebrating Mom

The Little Things By Jason Marshall On my fridge door there’s a photo of my mom on her wedding day and I walk by it every day. I usually take a passing glance. A quick look. But looking and seeing are not the same. Today I stood and stared at that picture and here’s what I saw: A wide-eyed optimistic girl. Her smile full of joy...

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Life Lessons

In retirement, psychiatrist, educator and Holocaust survivor Kati Morrison continues to make a difference, talking to school groups about the Holocaust and racism. By Iris Winston “What do you need?” This is a question that Kati Morrison asks most acquaintances—especially young couples—these days, as she and Bob, her husband of...

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We Need Accessible Housing and Inclusive Communities

by Peggy Edwards, Council on Aging of Ottawa Accessibility is created when the needs of people with disabilities are specifically considered, and products, services and facilities are built or modified so that they can be used by people of all abilities. In 2017, 22 per cent of Canadians reported living with a disability. This...

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