Adventure in Nature: How to Take the Perfect Camping Trip With Your Better Half

There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t like traveling; we all know its benefits. You get to immerse your senses in new locales and exciting food, experience things that are foreign to you and meet new people.

In the uber-busy world that we live in today, any break from work is either an opportunity for rest or to go on an adventure- depending on your preferences.

There are very few activities that combine both; camping is definitely one of the best ways to do this. It can be even more enjoyable in the company of friends and family, and undoubtedly, you can make camping more special if you have your significant other with you.

Can you imagine a more romantic getaway than holding your partner’s hand under the open skies, stars twinkling, steeped in the bounties of nature, without any pesky work or neighbors around to ruin your mood.

Camping could mean just being with each other without any distractions and satisfying your wanderlust.

It is adventurous and could even be amorous. What else can one ask for?

If you want to escape into the wilderness with your love, making the right choices while planning the trip is of utmost importance, for you to make the most of your holidays.

Camping together will allow you to make wonderful new memories and help you bond like nothing else could, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Anticipating and understanding the difficulties that you might face on the trip beforehand goes a long way in reducing stress and result in a happy experience for you and the love of your life.

Here, we share with you these six tried and tested tips that will help you make the best of a camping trip while strengthening your bond.

Communicate and Strategize With Your Partner

This is especially important if you are camping novices. Find a campsite that caters to your collective needs. Check the utilities such as restrooms, electricity, and kitchen.

Be clear about the type and degree of wilderness that you want to lose yourselves in.

Realizing that one of you wants to disconnect from civilization completely and the other requires some basic amenities on-site or human interaction, after arriving at the campsite, is a recipe for disaster.

Select a destination that you would both enjoy- be it a communal camping ground, a remote waterfall, a lush forest, or just an open field.

Check the Weather

We all imagine being on camping trips where the days are bathed in cloudless sunlight and nights offer a view of the glittering stars with a gentle breeze and the sounds of nocturnal animals from afar. AFAR.

Mother nature begs to differ.

Depending on where you are going and the time of the year, you might have to battle rain, gale, an extremely dry/humid/hot/cold region, onslaught of animals, rodents, and insects…you get my drift.

Make sure you know what weather conditions the two of you would have to face. It can bring you closer or break you apart, depending on how you deal with it.

Invest in the Right Tent

No one can deny the role of that ‘perfect’ tent for a smooth camping experience. Surely, you wouldn’t want to go on holiday and live in a drab hotel with bad plumbing and drafty windows.

So, find a good, sturdy tent that would fit you both and leave some room for your belongings and, hopefully, romance.

You’d want something strong, spacious, and waterproof, with sufficient airflow and ventilation. The tent should protect you from the rustling wind and the night-calls of the animals around you, be lightweight, and allow you to set it up without a lot of hassle.

Pack the Necessary Bedding

After the tent is sorted, you need to figure out the sleeping plan. Find a suitable camping mat or air-bed that would fit in your tent.

After hiking or adventuring throughout the day in the great outdoors, you’d want restful sleep in a comfortable setting. Airbeds and camping mats make for cozy bedding underneath your sleeping bags.

This brings us to the decision regarding sleeping bags.

Invest in a bag that provides adequate insulation and is suitable for the weather that you’re about to brave. If you want to up the ante in the romance game, do go for a double sleeping bag.

They might be rather cumbersome but are worth the trouble when considering the intimacy and warmth they offer.

Think of all the cuddles you can share.

Picking the Right Camping Gear

Now that we’ve covered the ‘big’ essentials, let’s not forget the smaller but equally important ones.

Do pack a small portable stove, unless you want to light up a camp-fire every night (or every time you want to heat or cook something) or have access to kitchens on the campsite.

Depending on where you’re camping and the activities that await you, choose and pack the necessities.

Faveable suggests some common camping gear that comes in handy on all sorts of trips includes sunscreen, first-aid kits, routine medications, utensils that are lightweight and multi-purpose.

Toilet wipes, eco-friendly toiletries, solar/portable chargers, and lights, pocket knives, thermos, bottles, microfiber washcloths, and good quality torchlight are also essential.

Plan your Activities

A camping trip is a perfect opportunity for immersing yourself in each other, surrounded by nature, and learning deeply about each other’s personalities.

That said, spending a few days with your lover, non-stop without anyone or anything to take you away from each others’ company, can also be daunting.

Make a list of all the things that you both enjoy doing, individually and together. Give each other’s interests a shot. Read together, play games, take pictures, talk endlessly, take a hike, spot interesting flora, and fauna, and listen to the sounds of nature.

Engage in activities together but also feel free to do your own thing from time to time. At the end of the day, routinely, remember to douse your campfire and clean up after yourselves.

In Conclusion

It’s best always plan your trip ahead of time for an unforgettable experience. Research your options, talk to people who have taken similar trips, discuss your itinerary with your partner, and do not underestimate the power of checklists.

Keep your expectations low and enthusiasm high. Happy camping!