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By Susan Campbell

Longest river cruise ever

Photo: AmaWaterwaysAMAWaterways is banking on the fanatical fan-ship of those who love river cruises and miss them dearly by offering the longest itinerary ever imagined. The new Seven River Journey Through Europe spans a whopping 46 days through 14 different countries. They promise guests
will be treated royally, while sailing aboard four of their luxurious award winning vessels and will enjoy new, creatively curated, and classic experiences plus over 130 complimentary excursions. Gourmet dining, all gratuities, transfers between ships, and more extras are also included, and a dedicated Cruise Manager will be at the helm to ensure all will have an unforgettable customer experience. This incredible journey does not set sail until June 1st, 2023, but they are taking reservations now, so don’t miss the boat. Visit:

Tiki bar boats say aloha to Ottawa

Summer in the nation’s capital can be as hot as Hawaii, so why not go full on tropical with a trip aboard these cool new floating tiki-bar boats now cruising the Ottawa River? Grab a gang (up to 12 people) and charter your own vessel replete with a licensed captain and a first mate to shake up your tropical cocktails. And you can even have a drone record your exciting adventure! Perfect for parties and special occasions, and all boats have washrooms, Bluetooth speakers, TVs, karaoke systems and all the necessary safety equipment required. Or join one of their regularly scheduled 90-minute tours departing from downtown or Rockland. From May to October, they will run five to six cruises per day, seven days a week. Visit:

Revenge travel will be trending in the tropics

For all those who had to forego their annual tropical escapes during winter and family holidays this past year, studies show that travel to sun destinations will be back with a vengeance very soon to make up for it. The Caribbean has missed its Canadian visitors big time this past winter and hopes that many will consider visiting the islands sooner rather than later by offering all kinds of special deals and enticements for late summer and fall holidays. Many resorts are offering flexible cancellation policies and even travel protection as part of their packages. For continually updated information on the Caribbean region’s reopening to tourism as the year unfolds and as Canadian travel restrictions ease up, visit:

Make fresh tracks after the vax

Canadian rail travel is always a great summer adventure, and as the vaccine programs are rolling out faster, there’s no better time to plan a rolling trip across this great land of ours than now. But why not, do it your way? Fresh Tracks Canada will help you personalize your Canadian train vacation itinerary exactly the way you want it. Their website offers many suggested trip ideas, but ultimately the way you stay and play and ride the rails is up to you. Budget, duration preferences, destination coverage, unique experiences and special interests are all curated and accommodated by their “Canadian Insiders” staff. From coast-to-coast, they have excellent rail-based holidays for all ages to
enjoy. Visit:

Whale sharks are calling this summer

One of the coolest experiences you can have in Cancun only happens during the summer months. Whale sharks — the world’s largest fish — gather in huge numbers each year around the Yucatan Peninsula from June to early September to feast on their favourite snack of krill, which is abundant in those waters then. Whale sharks are typically solitary animals, so it’s a big deal when they gather in a group, and the opportunity to snorkel alongside them is the experience of a lifetime. No worries, they are gentle giants and are only interested in
swallowing the krill, not people, in fact their throat is only the size of a quarter! But be sure to book a reputable eco-aware tour boat operator like Cancun Adventure Tours. Visit: 

Susan Campbell is an award-winning travel writer originally from Ottawa, but now based in Montreal. Her work has appeared in hundreds of
major print and web publications throughout North America. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @suectravel.