No More Worries about Loved Ones Wandering

loved ones wandering


Are you worried about someone you love—someone who’s vulnerable— wandering away and getting hurt?

It happens all the time. And just the possibility can be worrisome for caregivers of people who tend to wander, such as those with autism or dementia. After all, caregivers need to sleep and to get everyday tasks done.

If your family is in that stressful situation, WeTraq might make a positive difference. Wetraq is a portable credit-card sized tracker that’s designed for caregivers and parents to track the precious dependents in their lives. Controlled by the Wetraq Mobile App, this device allows you to monitor the location of your loved ones anywhere and anytime across the globe. And it ensures the connection between you and your vulnerable loved ones will never be lost.

Ishaan Singla, founder of WeTraq, is a guy who is very keen to share his invention with the world. He says it can make all the difference for families of a person who has autism or dementia.

Lots of People Worry about Loved Ones Wandering

There are a lot of other devices out there for the purpose of tracking dementia-related wandering, he notes, but WeTraq is different because it solves three major issues:

1 – It offers global coverage.

2 – There’s no monthly subscription fee, so it’s cost effective.

3 – Since it’s the size of a credit card, it’s convenient to use.

What’s more, he says WeTraq has partnered with Autism Canada. The device is built for monitoring the location of people affected by autism, as well as dementia, since some people with these common conditions tend to wander unknowingly.

“We are planning to raise funds via Kickstarter for our device so we can get it developed and manufactured in Canada,” Ishaan says. The launch date will most probably be in early June. If you’d like more information or to be part of this initiative, check out the website at wetraq.ca.

loved ones wandering