4 Yoga Stretches for Greater Flexibility

Did you know that 10% of the US population practice yoga?

Yoga is a practice that focuses on gaining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. A goal of yoga is to obtain a full range of motion for the body and to get in tune with the mind. Yoga can take some practice to get used to the poses, but it is well worth it to achieve greater flexibility.

Are you looking to start practicing yoga? If so, it is important that you learn the yoga stretches for flexibility. Here is a guide to yoga stretches for beginners.

1. Cobra Pose

To perform this yoga posture, start by lying face down on the mat with your palms and forearms planted on the floor beside you. Inhale and press your hips and chest slightly off the floor as you lift your head up and rest your gaze forward. Use your back muscles to arch your spine.

Allow yourself to hold this pose for up to a minute and exhale as you slowly lower your chest, belly, and hips back to the floor. Practicing the Cobra Pose will extend and stretch your body. 

2. Pigeon Pose

To get into the pose, start in a tabletop position, and then slide your right knee forward toward your right hand. At the same time, extend your left foot backward.

After that, position your chest so it’s over your right knee, and bring your forehead to the ground. Hold this pose for five breaths then switch it up to the other side of your body.

Daily yoga stretches can improve joint mobility and strengthen the lower back and glutes. It’s also an effective way to increase overall flexibility in both the hips and legs. 

3. Warrior I & II Asanas 

These two poses work to improve overall core, back, and leg strength. It can also increase the range of motion and flexibility.

The Warrior I requires you to stand with your feet spread apart and your hands raised over your head. The Warrior II requires you to stand with your feet apart and your hands extended to the sides.

Yoga certification is beneficial for anyone wanting to learn more about yoga stretches for greater flexibility. Learning from an expert in the field can allow a person to maximize their potential in practicing safe and proper body alignment. Those who are certified in yoga can help others find soothing and dynamic exercises to help increase flexibility.

4. Child’s Pose

In this exercise, the person starts on their hands and knees and then lowers their hips to their heels while extending their arms out in front. This position stretches the lower back, hips, and thighs, elongating the muscles and helping to relax and improve flexibility.

It is important to find a comfortable position for the pose, and modifications can be made to ensure proper form. After a few deep breaths, the person can then transition to a seated position, feeling the benefits of greater flexibility.

Yoga Stretches for Flexibility

By performing a variety of yoga stretches for flexibility, you can increase your range of motion and reduce the risk of injury. Try a few stretching poses daily, and take time to hold the poses until you feel a comfortable stretch.

Regular practice can help you safely reach your flexibility goals. Take the time to invest in yourself and start stretching today with yoga!

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