Each letter in this word has a special message for all of us, especially dancers!

By Linda Jamieson School of Dance

Determination – is learned! “Never Give Up” “Stay Positive” “Believe in yourself’ Our innate ability to overcome hardship, discouragements and setbacks pave our way to success in all aspects of life including family disruptions, academic struggles, physical disabilities, intellectual challenges and social isolation. All of this can be learned and developed through Dance Classes which are properly taught by caring, supportive, and well-educated teachers.

Ability – Learning quickly and thoroughly is a major focus of Dance Instruction, which also leads to academic success. Research at various universities across Canada, USA, and Europe have proven that Dance does develop the brain for academic success.

Never Give Up – Our bodies, like our brains must be trained in the proper methods, styles and techniques in order to succeed in all activities. Brain development and learning to persevere are essential are the greatest lessons one can learn from Dance Classes.

Careful and Caring – practice of each movement count by count, step by step results in the proper approach to academic success in school.

Excellence – is a choice. “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”. This very important Life Lesson was taught to me by my Wonderful Dance Teacher. Gladys Forrester who was a former Ballerina with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company and a Choreographer for numerous Television Shows on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto.

With Dance, You Can Excel In Everything!!!