Dementia help; Your support is needed to help thousands of people impacted by dementia

The number of people living with dementia globally continues to rise. In Canada, the increase is driven by growth in our seniors’ population, specifically those 65 and older. Advances in health and healthcare mean more of us are living longer. In fact, our seniors’ population is expected to increase 68% over the next twenty years. While that’s progress in many ways, the prevalence of dementia in Canadian seniors more than doubles every 5 years. That means that by age 85, we have a 25% chance of developing dementia.

Moreover, dementia is more prevalent among women than men, and that gap increases with age

(1). But there is hope. Recent research shows that up to 40% of dementias can be prevented

(2). And that’s why this September The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County is encouraging people to get involved in The BrainyActive Challenge, an annual fundraising campaign to inspire people to activate their bodies and minds to fight dementia, while raising funds for dementia support in the region. BrainyActive introduces an important and hopeful message: we can take measures to prevent and delay the onset of dementia.

The key to dementia prevention is to optimize your physical and mental health and well-being. Many commonly known health risks can lead to the development of dementia such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, an excess of alcohol, and head injury. There are also lesser-known factors like lack of social interaction, hearing loss, and depression which can contribute to dementia later in life. Being socially active is now recognized as important in helping to slow the progression of dementia. BrainyActive Challenge participants are encouraged to do a brainboosting activity every day for 21 days. Activities that challenge the brain help maintain memory, thinking, attention and reasoning abilities as we age. Keep doing, learning, and moving and you’ve got a braintastic prescription to fend off dementia. Get mindful, get nourished, get moving—get inspired!

To inspire you in your BrainyActive Challenge, The Dementia Society has enlisted subject-matter experts in mindfulness, nutrition and movement to guide participants to develop simple, healthy habits with insightful information delivered right to your email inbox.   Come celebrate your new BrainyActive habits! The morning of Sunday, September 25th, The Dementia Society welcomes supporters to an in-person gathering at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa. Supporters will enjoy free parking and admission to the Museum.

Visit BrainyActiveChallenge.ca to learn more, register and donate! To learn more and to connect with us, visit www.DementiaHelp.ca or call 1.888.411.2067