Health Care Comes Home to You

Insight Healthcare, a local company, ensures better care and quality of life for people who want to stay at home.

By Iris Winston

High quality customer service begins with employee contentment and reliability.

This is the philosophy of Insight Healthcare Inc, says chief executive officer Marc Provost, who co-founded the Ottawa company with Geoffrey Walls, its chief operating officer.

“There has been a mass exodus of nurses because they are overworked and underpaid,” he says. “We decided to launch a health-care company that takes better care of our nurses and gives them a better quality of life in order to translate that into better care and a better quality of life for our patients.”

Taking good care of employees, emphasizes Provost, who, in previous positions in business management and customer service, has won awards for employee satisfaction and retention, is the key to ensuring the best possible care and comfort for clients.

“Caring for our employees — remember nursing is a finite resource—is a critical part of the high standard of service to our patients,” he says, noting that the quality of care for patients depends on the quality of the care provider. “We know how important it is for people to receive the best care, while being able to stay in their homes. At Insight, professionalism, reliability, consistency and compassion are the cornerstones of our services.”

People can establish long-term, comfortable relationships with the nurses they’ll see on a regular basis.

Clients have a choice between registered practical nurses (RPNs) and personal support workers (PSWs) for in-home care and services, depending on their needs and preferences. Because Insight Healthcare caps the number of visits any of the nursing staff perform in a day, gives them ample time to go to clients’ homes and has backup staffing available, clients do not face the possibility of service delays or last-minute cancellations. Further, because staff are content in their jobs, patients can look forward to establishing long-term, comfortable and continuing relationships with the nurses they will see on a regular basis, following the development of their comprehensive care plans.

“Whatever we do for our nurses benefits our patients,” says Provost. “If they are treated well, they stay with us and so stay with their patients,” says Provost. “Cancellations don’t happen when staff are well-treated.  And we always have backup staff at hand. One of the bonuses with our company is that, as Geoffrey is an experienced RPN, he can fill in, should there ever be the need. Our uniqueness includes the retention of our nurses and a very high quality of reliable and compassionate service for our patients.”.

Provost also points out that Insight Healthcare, registered and active since March 2022, is structured to maximize the number of nursing staff available for clients and to minimize the administrative sector. Currently, Insight Healthcare is able to provide immediate in-home support, without patients having to wait for help.

The wide range of support on offer in the customized care programs includes daily assistance, wound and post-surgical care, catheter care, diabetic footcare, PICC line care, parental feeding care and education (including dealing with gastro tubes), palliative care and respite services.

For further information on Insight Healthcare or to arrange for nursing care, call 613 726-8949 or email info@insighthealthcare.ca.