Stretching for 50+

By Karl Knopf
Ulysses Press

Stretching is not only a crucial component of overall fitness, but an
excellent entry point for beginners looking to improve their overall health.
Just ten minutes of daily movement can increase flexibility, prevent injury,
enable active lifestyles, and in some cases reduce the need for surgery or
dependence on pain medication. Stretching for 50+, by Karl Knopf has been
an excellent resource for ten years, and is now getting an upgrade. This new
edition is beautifully updated with a clearer, easy-to-read format, over 200
photos, and proper incorporation of tools like resistance bands, therapy
balls, and foam rollers. Focusing on the benefits of even gentle stretches, the
book educates the reader on the difference between passive and active
stretches, offers rubrics for self-evaluation, and teaches techniques for
myofascial release.