Vapes, Vaping and Cannabis

With the growing popularity in the use of medical marijuana, the ongoing movement to legalize cannabis as well as the desire to lessen the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes, vapes and vaping have become a popular choice for the consumption of cannabis and nicotine.

Vapes are electronic devices that heat a liquid, oil, wax or herbs into a vapour, that is then condensed into an aerosol and inhaled. Vape technology is becoming more advanced due to their popularity. You can find vaping devices that are in many shapes and sizes, they vary significantly in cost, are used for many different products and are an easy tool for most individuals to understand and use.

While the market is growing, choosing the best vaporizer for you can be a daunting task. Based off of customer reviews, Honey Stick and Arizer are great options if you’re considering purchasing a vaporizer.

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