What’s Your BHAG?

By Tamer Soliman, B.A.HK, CSCS, RHN

Must-do’s when setting goals

As we’ve all been social isolating in recent months, so have the reminders about how we can continue to remain healthy and agile in the comfort of our own homes. When setting goals, you must come from the mindset of, “Here is what I want to achieve, and this is how I’m going to achieve it.”
Here are the three things you must do when setting your goals:
Have a BHAG!
The goal I want you to set is what Good to Great author, Jim Collins, calls the “BHAG,” or big harry audacious goal.
1.What’s your BHAG?
Is it losing weight? Reversing diabetes? Or maybe running your first marathon? Whatever you choose, make sure you think it through, get serious and have fun with it. This is where you can let your imagination go wild and really get inspired.
2. Create action goals
Once you have your BHAG, then you need to create action goals that will lead you to your BHAG. Here are some simple ideas:
For your 50lbs. weight loss goal, decide to give up refined cereals, muffins, pie and cookies.
To reverse Type 2 diabetes, decide to see a caring, qualified nutritionist or personal trainer to help you.
To run a marathon, decide to download a plan from Runners World or join a running group with experienced running coaches.
This step cannot be skipped. Action must be taken in order to achieve your BHAG.
3. Declare it, and schedule it
It’s not enough to just think about a goal. You must also declare it, and schedule it. As business coach Marie Forleo says, “If it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t real.” Some ideas:
Let your partner/family/roommates know that you’re giving up the sugary nasties for the next six weeks, aside from maybe a Friday night treat (homemade of course). Schedule and set aside the money for your nutritionist/trainer for the next six weeks and have them hold you to a strict cancellation policy to keep you on track.
Are you a morning person or an evening person? Figure it out now and add your runs to your Google Calendar. If you’re going to exercise in the morning, set a 12-hour reminder so you remember to get out your workout gear the night before, and get to bed early.
The above are just examples, so you’ve got to think about what’s going to work for you and stick with it.
One last thing.
Write down your BHAG and action goals on a sturdy cue card. Place it where you will see it each and every day. This will be your daily reminder of what you want and your plan to achieve it. I believe in you, so believe in yourself. Go you and GO goals!
Tamer has been with the Ottawa Athletic Club (OAC) for over two years working as a Personal Trainer and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for OAC members.