Worth a Read

And just like that!


A contemporary and colorful book that feeds kid’s minds, while being educational and playful.  It arms children with skills of being a responsible global citizen. Keeping kids optimistic and making them feel that they can be part of the solution.  Hopefully, creating a foundation of staying healthy, and how to get well when unwell.
We can all do our part to spread knowledge.

About the Author

​​ Marian is born in Vancouver, British Columbia, residing in Ottawa, Ontario. She enjoyed reading to her three children, just as much as they were captivated by the many story times. She has written this book in hopes to empower young readers with knowledge that will safeguard them. She personally would love to fly, to see all corners of the world, just like bat. ​For now, she will continue to travel through her own imagination, by bike, on foot, and aboard airplanes.

About the Illustrator 
​Duane Abel is a professional cartoonist from a very small town in Ohio. He is the proud dad to two boys and can often be found at the same drawing board he has had since he was ten (his dog can often be found sleeping under his drawing board)!

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