Worth a Read

Did You Just Call Me Old Lady? A 90-Year Old Tells Why Aging is Positive

By Lillian Zimmerman | Fernwood Books

Did You Just Call Me an Old Lady? Is an upbeat look at aging and the impacts of Canada’s increasingly aged population through the eyes of 90-year old Lillian Zimmerman, a prominent educator, writer and researcher in gerontology. Zimmerman argues with grace and humour that older citizens are not a burden on society, but can live fulfilling lives and make valuable contributions to society. At the same time, she acknowledges some of the challenges of aging and that serious illnesses, low income, mental health problems and isolation are difficult realities for some seniors. This is one of the first Canadian books to look at ageism (discrimination and stereotyping based on one’s age) from the perspective of someone who experiences it in her daily life. Zimmerman shows how ageism is prevalent in society, media and popular culture. Ageism, like sexism and racism, needs to be part of our conversations around inclusion, equity and respect. This short (100 page), easy-to-read, thoughtful book is a must-read for all of us who are part of the longevity revolution. Review by Peggy Edwards, contributor and author of the “Healthy Boomer Column.”