Worth a Read

Morning: How to Make Time

By Allen Jenkins | Harper Collins

Are you a night owl or a morning person? In Morning: How to make time: A manifesto, author Allan Jenkins makes the case for getting up early. For years, he writes, he has been rising at five in the morning in the winter and often earlier in the summer. “I get things done,” he explains. “I read. I write. I think. I garden in soft light. It is my best time of day.” In the following pages, he suggests perhaps it might be yours, too. Painters and poets chime in on the subject, as do a philosopher, an angler and a neuroscientist. Along with interviewing other morning people, Jenkins also explores the topic from a variety of perspectives. He keeps a diary, examines the influence on behavior, surveys the language of morning and suggests that to give yourself “the gift of more time in the morning” is to seize an opportunity to nurture yourself, to be comfortable with yourself and to start each day renewed. You might just be convinced to get up with the birds.