Worth a Read

Of Peats and Putts: A Whisky and Golf Tour of Scotland

Andrew Brown
YouCaxton Publications
In this book, one man returns to rediscover his native Scotland through
its most famous exports: whisky and golf. He finds that both derive from
what makes Scotland great—its land and its people—and that the very earth
contributes to the essential ‘architecture’ of both. With an engaging and
philosophical approach, the author creates a tour of Scotland, offering
insight into the industries behind whisky and golf, as well as the history and
experience of both. Matching distilleries and courses by region, he discovers
some hidden gems and some unique experiences, concluding that both
pursuits offer more than the sum of their parts. Both simple yet complicated,
these two great representatives of Scotland offer insight into this unique
country, its landscape, its people and beyond that life itself.