Worth a Read

Sound: A Memoir of Hearing Lost and Found

Bella Bathurst
Grey Stone Books
A profound, beautifully written exploration of sound by a young woman
who lost her hearing, then regained it. In this surprising and moving book,
award-winning writer Bella Bathurst shares the extraordinary true story of
how she lost her hearing and eventually regained it and what she learned
from her twelve years of deafness. Diving into a wide-ranging exploration
of silence and noise, she interviews psychologists, ear surgeons, and
professors to uncover fascinating insights about the science of sound. But
she also speaks with ordinary people who are deaf or have lost their hearing,
including musicians, war veterans, and factory workers, to offer a perceptive,
thought-provoking look at what sound means to us. If sight gives us the
world, then hearing—our ability to listen—gives us our connections with
other people. But, as this smart, funny, and profoundly honest examination
reveals, our relationship with sound is both more personal and far more
complex than we might expect.