Worth a Read

The All-Weather Retirement Portfolio: Your post-retirement investment guide to a worry-free income for life

By Randy L. Thurman | Master Key Publications

You can have it all! Not just more income to spend in your retirement years, but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what happens in the outside world, you’ve done all you can do to have a worry-free income for life. In this book you’ll find:

– nine steps to build a portfolio that will survive the perfect financial storm so you can stop worrying about the economy, the latest financial catastrophe, or what the market did today;

– two questions you must answer before you invest another dime;

– why investing after you retire is radically different from investing while you’re still working;

– the life expectancy of six key types of investments — and what you can do to make them last as long as you do; and

–  the 10 essential questions you must ask a financial advisor.

The All-Weather Retirement Portfolio also answers common questions we have as we get older, including the exact amount of money you can withdraw without worry or guilt and how to gain peace of mind knowing you’ve applied the best available research to ensure you’ll never run out of money.