Worth a Read

The Little Book of Backyard Birds Songs

Andrea Pinnington and Caz Buckingham
Fireside Books Ltd.

Being able to identify a bird’s song is a skill that brings joy and fosters an appreciation of nature. Learning how to differentiate between the
songs of a house finch and a goldfinch, however, is not easy. That is where this enchanting book comes into its own. It features recordings
of 12 bird songs from some of the best-known garden bird species seen and heard across North America. This is an interactive board book
designed for any age with features for young readers. The board pages are easy to turn. The 12 song buttons are easy to activate and each bears a portrait of the singing bird. The high-quality sound module is encased in durable plastic, and the one-inch (three-centimetre) speaker makes it easy to hear and differentiate the elements of a bird’s song, like pitch, tempo, whistles, trills and buzzes. All 12 birds have winter or summer ranges in the United States and Canada. This means that readers are sure to see most, if not all, the birds.