Worth a Read

The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan

(That Still Leaves Room for Chocolate!)
Liz Pearson and Marilyn Smith
Whitecap Books

Aimed at female baby boomers, this compilation of manageable tips and recipes is based on scientific evidence, according to the authors. The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan features easy recipes that can be prepared in 30-minutes or less, using accessible ingredients. Current nutritional findings are translated into understandable language, and engaging, informational sidebars are provided. What’s the best-kept secret? It’s still okay to relax and indulge in a little chocolate. Break through the avalanche of popular diet misinformation and fads, and you will find Liz Pearson and Marilyn Smith. These nutritional experts have written a revolutionary, yet common sense book, that demystifies the path to eating for health and energy.