Worth a Read

Travel Dreams and Nightmares: Four Women Explore the World

By Louise Szabo, Barbara Brown, Jan Jacobson and Wendy Quarry


At a fateful travel writing workshop, Barbara, Louise, and Janet knew they had to collaborate. Soon, Wendy joined them, and the new writing group got to work. Louise enjoys easy travels, wine, and good food. She takes you deep inside a Hungarian wine cellar and travels from Dawson City in the wild north of Canada, to Guadeloupe and Barbados. Jan adores the sea. She recounts the adventures of flying around Cape Horn, exploring the Galapagos, and learning to jump off a boat near Ireland’s wild Aran Islands. Wendy seeks out those places most of us wouldn’t dare to visit. She’s been to Africa and Asia and calls Pakistan her second home. While sick in Malawi, she found refuge in a tea estate. In Germany, she discovered lost Jewish roots. Barbara, the group’s hiker, has travelled through Mali, fed hungry children in Kinshasa, and trekked around Mont Blanc and into the Himalayas for a glimpse into the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan and the Valley of the Flowers in India. Here, they share adventures and mishaps, frustrations and delights. They invite readers in for intimate reflections on what it means to travel — and why they are so drawn in by the planet’s many siren songs.