Worth a Read

We All Become Stories

By Ann Elizabeth Carson
Blue Denim Press

We All Become Stories speaks to us because it reveals “aging” as not something that happens just to older people, but as a lifelong evolution—a journey of self-discovery open to everyone. Through their stories, conversations with them, and her own poetry, Ann Elizabeth Carson illuminates the life stories of 12 elders who adapt with courage, wit and creativity, to forge satisfying lives in a modern Western society that seldom welcomes or respects our elders. These individuals reframe aging and old age as fascinating, often difficult, yet rewarding challenges that bring benefits and insights not readily accessible to the young. The author serves as a story-catcher in this book— deeply listening so that elders can formulate their own aging life story and deeply reflecting and telling her own aging life stories. It will change how you view the people who have seen much and often are not heard.