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Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How the Words You Choose Shape Your Destiny

words that hurt, words that heal coverBy Joseph Telushkin | Harper Collins

Do you say what’s on your mind or choose your words with care? As most of us know, a quick retort or a clumsy attempt at humour can sometimes have consequences we didn’t intend, inadvertently causing offense. What’s more, when we gossip, talk negatively or speak harshly about others, our relationships suffer and so does our mindset. In this newly revised edition of Words That Hurt, Words That Heal, rabbi, lecturer, and best-selling author Joseph Telushkin reminds us of the very real power of words, and how we can use them for good. In an era when world leaders trade insults and we’re inundated with divisive rhetoric, this engaging and insightful guide puts the focus on how we can communicate respectfully, strengthen our connections and contribute to a kinder world.